Electric Cars of the Future


Electric Cars Of The Future

The number of electric cars on the road has shot up to over 1,200,000, and this will only continue to grow as we look for alternative energy sources to power our vehicles. We’re a little while off having cars, powered only by a solar panel chassis, but there’s certainly been some progress in developing the technology. So what new models are coming out in the near future that we can get our hands on?

V.W. I.D. Buzz

We’ve been waiting for years for a revamp of the iconic VW bus, and now it’s tantalisingly close. The I.D. Buzz is a microbus that is fully electric, and fully stylish with it. It has the obligatory touchscreen to control the functions and interior of the vehicle. It clocks in with 369 HP and a range of 300 miles per charge. It gets from 0-60 mph in just five seconds. Even better, it can reach 80% battery capacity in just 30 minutes, so you won’t be waiting ages to get back on the road. There’s plenty of space inside the bus if you want to sleep in there. You just have to wait until 2022 for that camping road trip - it gives you a few years to save up for the tie-dye paint job you know you want.

Audi e-tron SUV

The big boss at Audi, Rupert Stadler has said that by 2025, he wants 1 in 3 Audis to be electrified. The Audi e-tron is the first offering to the electric market. The current hybrid version, the Q7  e-tron Quattro sadly only has a fully electric range of 34 miles, but there is an  Audi e-tron SUV in the pipeline, that should be hitting the road in 2025. The prototype has a range of 310 miles and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. You can charge it completely in 50 minutes. The car is voice controlled and the mirrors have been replaced with cameras, transferring images to the interior OLED screens. Surely Jeff Bridges would be impressed with the e-tron!

Aston Martin RapidE

There will only be 155 RapidEs manufactured, so it’s going to be difficult getting your hands on one (unless you’re James Bond). With a price tag of $255,000, it’s not in everyone’s budget. Replacing that thundering six litre V12 engine will be a zero emissions powertrain. Due to hit the roads in 2019, it’s one that will be racing alongside the Tesla Model X.

Electric cars are certainly set to take the market by storm. With the big manufacturers getting on board, the technology can only continue to move forward.

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