5 Ways to Tech Out Your Vehicle

Your room or house isn’t the only place to be techy. In your home you probably have smart devices that control lighting and temperature. You may have an app controlled doorbell. You probably have an awesome gaming system or laptop. Why stop your technology with your home? You spend a lot of time in your vehicle. It's time to tech it out.


Nav System

If you don't have a navigation system in your vehicle, you are not living in 2018. Sure, your phone can give you directions, but what happens if your phone dies or just decides not to charge from your car charger. These things happen all the time. This is where your car nav can be really helpful. These are pretty inexpensive and a DIY you can handle.


Gaming System

This is not the most common thing to have in your car, but it is definitely very cool. There is no reason to leave your games at home. If you are waiting in the parking lot, why not get a little PS4 action in. There are options to add a full size tv and gaming capabilities to your car.


Sound System

Yes, your car probably came with a factor, unless someone removed it. It may even be a pretty good one, but pretty good isn't good enough. Adding a powerful sound system is pretty easy and will really change the atmosphere in the car. Car Audio Logic has many guides and resources to help you do it yourself.  If you aren’t a DIY kind of person, there are many shops dedicated to only sound systems.


Dash Cam

This is a fun one that can possibly save you money. So imagine you’re driving and someone hits you because they were recklessly driving. You were paying attention and driving responsibly, but  you still hit them. An accident can be expensive. If you have a dash cam, you can prove that they were the one that caused the accident. This could get you off the hook for the expenses of the wreck. Also, you can get some pretty cool videos.


Head Up Display

A heads up display shows you things like, the music that is playing, incoming call info, your speed, navigation, and more. This also a safety feature because it allows you to keep your eyes on the road. It is displayed over the steering wheel, so you never have to turn your head to see it, like you would to see your radio. Things can change fast while you are looking at your radio.


All of the gadgets will really add some cool factor to your car. Gaming while in your car is probably the coolest of them all. If you're not a gamer, its ok. Many of these have practical applications. Many of them even have safety features also. You can easily add yourself by plugging them in and mounting them. Others, you may want to seek out a pro for help.

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