Have You Got Enough Cash For Your Comics?



From special edition comics, to the latest smart TVs, it’s no secret than keeping up a geek lifestyle is an expensive habit. In 2014, the size of the market for print comic books was reported to be over $800 million, with the market for digital comics bringing the total to over $900 million. That’s a lot of money being spent. If you’re making up that figure, it’s a good idea to think about how you’ll make sure you have enough money to spend on your passion, alongside less important things, like, you know, food and rent.

Don’t fudge the budget

When it comes to how much money you’re spending, it can be tempting to stick your fingers in your ears, but this would be a big mistake. There are plenty of advantages to having a budget. For instance, it can help with long-term purchases, so if you’re looking to buy the latest gaming console, you can think about where you need to cut back in the short-term. Budgets also stop you spending money you don’t have, which can lead to racking up large, high-interest debts on credit cards, for example.

Save, save, save

As mentioned above, if you want to make a big purchase, doing some saving in the short-term is a good idea. Making a budget is a good first step, but without changing your spending habits as a result of it, it doesn’t mean very much for your money. From your budget, you might see some sizable purchases which surprise you. Companies who you pay a subscription model to, like energy companies, gyms or cell phone providers, can come under this. Does a committed nerd really need all of the Pay-TV channels? Even the average cable TV bill is now over a $100 per month. 

Once you’ve scrutinized your budget, it’s time to change your habits. Set aside a certain amount you want to save each month. As well as short-term treats, it’s worth also thinking about long-term issues like retirement or a down-payment on a new place to live. After all, being a geek doesn’t mean you have to live at your parents’ house! Once you’ve made a choice, you can usually set up your bank to move money from your main account to your savings account automatically, so you’ve not tempted to spend too much.

Find a lender to be a spender

If it’s a bit too late for you to try either of the first two steps: you bought that cool new drone and now you’re broke, then a last resort is taking out a loan; this can be a good way to tide you over in the short term and can be particularly sensible if you need to consolidate debt payments. Make sure you compare the rates, alongside the fine print, so you know what a suitable personal loan would look like for someone in your financial position. Once you’ve taken out a loan, be sure to pay it back in good time, to avoid incurring extra charges.

Geeking out over money

If you want to be prepared to deal with the extra spending which comes with being a loyal fan, remember to make a budget, save where you can, and, if worse comes to worst, find a personal loan. It might not be quite as exciting as the latest superhero movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that won’t save your own ass!

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