A Guiding Map of Booksrun

Booksrun is a productive forum for sale and purchase the used books. The semester is over; it is better to earn some profit instead of filling shelves with books. You might be thinking that how can you sell books? It is the pretty simple process. The interface of the Booksrun is simple and easy to understand.

Visit the Main Page

You can see the search bar on the main page. Insert the ISBN no of the book that you want to sale. Press the search button, and the book will be the part of seller cart. It is necessary to forward the books within five days after managing the order.

Use the Tracking Number

You can track the book with the help of tracking number. The tracking number is on the prepaid shipping level.

Payment Process

The bookseller will receive the payment within two to four days.

Classification of Books

There are various categories of books such as “New,” “Very Good,” “Used,” and “Acceptable.” The seller can classify his/her books to determine the price.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Every books seller should read the terms and conditions laid by the Booksrun. You will not face any inconvenience when you know processing method of the business.

College Textbooks are Top Priority

College textbooks are the top priority of the Booksrun. However, it buys some other books.


ISBN is a 13 digit unique number that is given to the title of the book, publisher, and the author.

Where to Find the Correct ISBN on Book?

Each book has a page of copyright. You can find the ISBN on this page. Some books have more than one ISBN, but the correct ISBN is on the copyright page.

Use the PayPal Card to Receive the Payment

You can use the PayPal card to get the payment. However, there are also other options that you can prefer.

What Should a Book Seller do if He Doesn’t Receive Payment

Sometimes a buyer doesn’t receive the payment through company issued it. You need to check the PayPal or other payment card address. Check either address is linked to the Gmail or not. Contact with the Booksrun administration if everything is correct.

FedEx and USPS

You can use the FedEx and USPS companies for shipping companies. These are well-reputed and reliable. However, you can also get the services of any other shipping company. Place your order before the deadline.

Refunding Process

The buyer can return the books and refund the paid money according to the terms and conditions. The books should be in safe and sound condition. You have to send back books within 14 days.


The access codes should remain unspoiled; otherwise, you will not be eligible for the refund.

Replacement Option

There is no replacement option. Either you buy, sale or return the books.

Earn Profit

You can earn the profit with the help of Booksrun without sale and purchase of books. Use the social media such as Twitter and Facebook, post referral links. When someone buys books from your link, you will receive the share.

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