Net Neutrality Repeals Impact on the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Any business or user of the internet will have frowned a little when the result of the net neutrality repeal debate was heard.

A lot of large companies are still wondering how this decision will entirely affect them. There is also another group of individuals who are keeping a keen eye on the whole network neutrality horizon with keen interest. This is everyone who is deeply involved with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies and ISP's

At some stage, there could be a conflict of interest between a specific cryptocurrency and Blockchain that an ISP wishes not to be on their network.

From this point forward the crypto could face premium rates for traversing the ISP's network, or they could be a victim of network throttling which would make transactions of the cryptocurrency unbearable.

Further on from this. Currency exchanges could find they also have restrictions or higher costs imposed on them. These will filter down and be a part of any fee the exchange charges for dealing in cryptocurrencies.

There is also another point not many individuals have considered. Some of the larger ISP's are linked quite close to governments.

As cryptocurrencies increase in popularity, a government might feel there is a threat to their national currency.

The easiest way they are able to cause an upset in the cryptocurrency world is by nudging the ISP to force these restrictions onto any cryptocurrency the government so wishes.

If any of the above does happen, all users can find there is no longer an open internet, and the benefits of cryptocurrency will never be seen.

Cryptocurrency Can Fight Back

For the first and second generation cryptocurrencies, there is a good chance that if any of the above are put into place after the open internet order, they will suffer as they have no way in which to turn to avoid a higher subscription charge or to avoid slower traffic lanes along the backbone of the internet.

Now is the time that third generation cryptocurrencies can make themselves known to the world and the benefits they bring.

The future of the internet can be changed, and all users can benefit from having a worldwide network that is Peer-to-peer and fully decentralized as it should be.

Change the Internet and Change the World

Until this happens, many of the cryptocurrencies will be affected by restrictions from ISP's or from the flaws which are in first and second generation cryptocurrencies.

The current infrastructure will always have these problems hanging over its head so a group of developers looked at all they could and what they could change to fix things.

A network that runs across current cables will always have these problems. Now introduce a mesh-network that sits above any cabling system, and users have a system that can cross borders with no restrictions. Next, the network has to be private.

Anonymous browsing and the possibility of watching Netflix from anywhere in the world with no limits. Now that does sound tempting, and that in itself is a significant achievement.

How Can a Cryptocurrency Offer This?

Some of the developers of this highly secure and anonymous mesh-network worked on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

They know the limitations and the problems. It was with their help the rule book was ripped up, and Skycoin and Skywire began development.

Although still in its infancy they both have the chance to change the world of cryptocurrencies and the internet in one go.

SKY and Skywire can work independently of each other. However, when they work together, there is nothing else that can match the technology.

SKY has free transactions which happen faster than many credit cards. This means users are able to pay from one point and one point only which is their secure wallet.

Users have no worry of their internet being monitored as all their browsing data and information is broken and split between the mesh-network mining nodes that forwards all of this through multiple channels. Hackers and governments will be at a loss of trying to piece together a user’s movements.

When Skywire increases in size and users start reaping the benefits. All attention will shift as now there is no monthly sign up charge with an ISP to just find they track what you do.

Users will only pay for the bandwidth they use via SKY. The network is private, secure and can quite easily be the sleeper cryptocurrency of the moment.

Before it makes an impact on the world and introduces a web of trust and the new internet SKY can be the best cryptocurrency to invest in now.

Take the chance and have a look at being a part of something that might revolutionize how we communicate and deal with digital cash.

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