Mastering The Art of Using A PDF Editor

There is no denying the fact that pdf files are an excellent option when you want to retain the format of a document. However, you need to get hold of an excellent pdf editor when you feel the need to edit your pdf files.


It often happens that you feel the need to delete a specific page from a pdf file.  We will explore the general mechanism here that will help you delete a page from a pdf file using a pdf editor.

Deleting a Page from a Pdf File

First, you will need to select the pdf editor of your choice, and you need to open your pdf document in the editor. When you are choosing your editor, then it will be a smart idea to go for the one that has a page icon.

Check for the Page Icon

When you open the page icon, then this usually gives you access to the page manager. When you explore the Page Manager, you will notice that you can preview all the pages that are present in your pdf file.

When you click a specific thumbnail, then it will display the specific page that you need to view. You will need to scroll to the page which you want to delete from the specific pdf file.

Have a Look at Page Preview ThumbNails, and You Use It Appropriately

Most of the pdf solutions do have page preview thumbnails. The benefit of this feature is that when you click on the thumbnail, then the previous selections will be cleared promptly. Most of the editors have checkboxes next to the pages. This helps you delete multiple pages from the pdf file.

You have to click the checkboxes in this scenario, and multiple pages get selected. You will be able to find the delete page option in the menu of most of the editors. Once you have made your selection, you can click this button to go ahead with the deletion of the specific page.

Before deletion, most of the editors display a confirmation message. This prevents accidental deletion of any useful pdf page. If you decide not to go ahead with the deletion at the last moment, then you can click the cancel button.

Once you have deleted the page that you do not require, simply save the pdf with the deleted page with a new name.

When you can delete the pages of your choice from a pdf file, then the truth is this gives you more control over the file. There are times when you end up entering information into the file that is incorrect so you can delete the entire page in this situation.

When you have downloaded a desktop pdf editor, then do a test run the delete feature before applying this feature on any important pdf files.

If you are confused about which pdf editor will give you access to the maximum features, then it will be a smart idea to have a look at pdf soda.

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