How To Manage Your Hotel's Online Reputation


No matter who you are, or what your company name is, there are always ways of improving. Never think that you're safe, because the hospitality industry is a very competitive one, and if you slack off for even a second - someone will take your place at the top.

Here are some of the best tips to manage your hotel's online rep.


Make sure your guests have a good experience

Your guests are what drive your business to greatness, so you always want to ensure that they are having the best experience possible. One way of checking up on this is by reading through your reviews. If guests leave happy and content, they will most likely leave you a wonderful review. If someone isn't quite happy or has an issue, try dealing with it as soon as it arises, then and there. That way there will be no reason for them to leave you with negative feedback.


Know as much as you can

Regardless of how long you've been doing your job, it's never too late to brush up on new skills. You can easily do this from wherever you are with supply chain management online programs. Train online from home or even in the office when you have some free so you know exactly how to stay ahead.


Reply to negative reviews

This is understandably something that a lot of us dread, but by showing that you listen and care - no matter how angry a review might be - will show to the bigger audience that you're doing your best. Sometimes you can't make everything better, but the act of trying goes a long way. So give yourself the opportunity to show everyone how you deal with difficulties when they arise, should they arise. Having said that, some people will leave reviews that aren't genuine, purely to try and cause harm to your business. If this does happen, report the comment as soon as you can to ensure it is taken down.


Reply to positive reviews occasionally

It's always nice to show your pleased guests that you appreciate their positive feedback - remember, this is what draws in new guests! Although, you don't want to attempt to reply to every single good review you have, because this can become extremely time-consuming - unless you hire someone to be in charge of managing all reviews for you. Don't forget that guests have taken time out of their day to let you know what a nice experience they had in your hotel, so it should be recognised.


Do not reply in a sales voice

This is one mistake that a lot of businesses make. It's very easy to respond in a way that you have been trained to over the years, but when dealing with reviews, this is the worst mistake you can make. No one wants to be responded to by a robot; they want a friendly human to speak with so they're able to connect. So communicate with your customers as if they were standing right in front of you - responding through a screen shouldn't be any different.

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