Five Reasons To Consider AppleTV

Now, there’s no shortage of devices that’ll allow you to stream content to your television. And with so many to choose from, you might have a hard time picking which one is right for you. Apple TV may be slightly more expensive than the other models that are available, but it does come with some pretty neat features that make it stand out from the the crowd. As we’ve come to expect from Apple products, the easy to use, slick device is laden with quality throughout. Below, we take a look at five reasons why you might want to consider it. It may come with a less than enviable price tag, but few people who invest the cash live to regret their decision!


It Looks Amazing

The TV world has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade when it comes to crystal clear images. Now, the Apple TV has made it easier than ever to watch your favourite shows and movies in quality that takes clarity to a whole new level. If you have a television capable of playing 4k, then go for the Apple TV: there are plenty of shows to choose from, and the device upscales compatible videos to the highest of quality, free of charge.


You Can Play Everything

A common complaint against some devices is that you’ll sit down, go to watch a movie, and then find that the file isn’t compatible with the device. It’s annoying, especially if you’ve spent years collected movies that come in every file type under the sun, and now find that you can’t play them on the big screen! Yet with Permute, you can convert your file type into another file type - and all with one click of the button. In no time at all, that movie that you thought you wouldn’t be able to play is ready for the big screen.


Games on the Big Screen

We’ve all gone a little bit crazy for games. On our smartphones, on our tablets, on the web...the list of options we have means we’re always kept thoroughly entertained! But let’s be honest...playing on a small screen is a compromise, not a benefit. Enter the Apple TV, which allows you to play plenty of games on your television. Perfect for those family get-togethers!


Say Goodbye to DVD Collection

The golden age of the DVD may be coming to an end, and will we really miss it? The quality was so-so, and those cases take up so much space! Once you’ve got an Apple TV, simple rip your DVD collection to your Mac, and then take all the discs and boxes down to your local charity shop. Easy.


Not Just Visual

And it’s not just movies and TV shows you’ll love; you’ll also be able to stream your favourite music to your TV too. If you’ve got a decent sound system (if not: why not?), then you’ll have all the music you need ready to be blasted out throughout the house

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