Who's Playing Mobile Games (And Why!)?

Since the mobile revolution exploded onto our small screens, the way we play certain games has changed, and some online games, like bingo have enjoyed a revival.

But much like coffee mornings and other such pursuits, bingo is almost exclusively a female pursuit. Right?   


Bingo has always been a preserve for women mainly because of the social aspect of the game. In the boom days of bricks and mortar bingo halls, women would meet to have a chat, play a few lines and generally enjoy the company of other women. The online version of the game has a chat facility so the game must still remain female led?

Well no actually, as whisper on the hood say that more men are now involved in the online version of the game than ever before and that might just be because when you make a profile on the site you can choose to be anonymous. With the split of men v women being about 35% to 65%, although the numbers can vary from operator to operator.

Some online bingo operators target mainly female with the sites dressed in pastel colours and the characters and games also female orientated whilst others like Swag Bingo are more gender neutral and attract a more equal gender base.

Statistics show that the number of online bingo players has grown more than 60 times in less than ten years, and in the same way there are female poker players, there are male bingo players, although there is doubt in the industry that there will ever be an online bingo site totally dedicated to male players.

Of course, being able to play whenever and wherever you choose is also a big plus point for many men as well as women, and as online bingo sites like Swag Bingo also offer a full range of slots, instant and casino games as well as bingo the site becomes more like a 'one stop shop' for all your playing requirements.

The gambling industry as a whole has always pioneered new technology and innovative ideas and when bingo transferred over to the smaller screens it did it seamlessly providing a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy whether they are men or women.

So, it appears to be 'eyes down' no matter what your sex is, and that's got to be good.

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