Technologies To Watch In 2018

Predicting the “next big thing” in technology is difficult to say the least. For every trend or major product that has influenced our lives, there have plenty of epic failures. This can be clearly seen with 3D. While it attempted a comeback, viewers are not exactly flocking to the cinemas to don their cumbersome 3D glasses. In predicting the future of tech, we need to consider what is trending now as well as what is needed.

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The reason 3D didn’t take off is the same as it was back in the 80’s, 60’s and even 50’s; people just don’t have a need for it. Truly innovative technology does not come from solving a problem that doesn’t exist. The next big thing in tech will address the needs of consumers as well as business while fundamentally making our lives better and easier. This could come in many different forms, some of which we are already seeing in 2018.


Currently, there are over 1200 different types of digital cryptocurrency products floating around, and although sites like Lucky Nugget casino Canada don't yet accept any of them, this may soon change. With Bitcoin firmly bringing the spotlight to digital currencies at the end of 2017, people are showing greater interest in investing and using digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies could play a major role in 2018, however, there is room for mass disillusionment in the market. While digital currency algorithms are showing huge promise, it is going to take a while for the markets to shake out and reach their full potential. At the same time, users may be unaware that these technologies are not as untraceable as one might think.

Facial Recognition

While many smartphones are have already incorporated a fingerprint reader, facial recognition technology is poised to become a lot bigger in 2018. One’s face is as unique and as individual as any fingerprint and facial recognition vastly improves the security of one’s device. Apple is the first to release a mass market device with the iPhone X able to unlock with facial recognition. Apple isn’t the only one working with the technology though. In 2018, we can expect ATM’s, home security systems and smart signs incorporating the technology.


Based on the trends of 2017, it is easy to say that 2018 will be a big year for AI. Machine learning and artificial intelligence already plays a major role in industry and will continue to be incorporated into our daily lives. Most of the advances will come in the digital media and marketing industry, however plenty of the work is actually being done behind the scenes. Companies still need to rely on consumers for raw data, but the systems themselves are showing big improvements which can only get better in 2018.  

Wearables and Wireless Devices

One trend that has been on the cusp of making it big is wearables. Up till now, only Apple has been marginally successful with such ventures. It is possible that 2018 could be the year, wearables finally break into mainstream. However, in order for this to happen, a complete redesign is needed. The current products are just too limiting and far too expensive. On the other side of the coin, smart hubs like Google Home and the Amazon Echo are reaching a definite tipping point in the market. Wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers and headphones exploded in 2017 triggering interest in peripherals with enhanced functions.

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