New Open Source Mobile OS Focused On Privacy

For anyone who has issues with the amount of data collected by Android and iOS devices, there may just be an alternative coming down the pipeline. Developed by a renowned Linux innovator, Project eelo is a brand new mobile operating system that aims to provide an enhanced level of data privacy that is simply not seen on traditional iOS or Android devices

Introducing Eelo

Eelo is the brainchild of Gael Duval, the man responsible for creating Mandrake Linux back in 1998. According to Duval, Apple has become far too expensive and a bit outdated while Google is capturing far too much information about their users. The new eelo operating system will give users a much higher level of control over their personal information and at a reasonable price.

When he introduced his Kickstarter campaign, Duval stated that companies like Apple and Google want to know as much about their users as possible to sell advertising. While people are free to become voluntary slaves, Duval says he does not want this situation to continue. It appears, many people agree with him. His Kickstarter exceeded 200% of its goal after just 15 days. Since the 20th of December, more than 2000 people have registered at

Open Source OS Focused on Privacy

The new eelo OS will be designed as a fork of the Lineage OS open source software running on many Android applications. Duval said that more open source modules will be layered on top to create a consistent web and mobile system. The project itself will run as a non-profit community project. It will essentially call for developers to sell smartphones preloaded with eelo while providing backup and premium services. The idea is to release regular user smartphones as well as privacy enabled smartphone ROMs.

As the year progresses, developers aim to have downloadable ROMs available for a full range of market devices. There will also be ROM’s available for a limited number of Flashed post-market devices. Duval has plans to industrialise the eelo phone by 2019, discussing partnerships with Essential phone and Fairphone.

Information as Currency

The creation of eelo OS comes as many consumers have expressed a desire for greater control of data with their mobile devices. These days information is seen as currency and people are becoming more aware of who has their digital information as well their habits and their behaviours. Duval has said that eelo is focused on maintaining the privacy of the user by preventing tracking and monetisation of their actions without their consent. This means you could do just about anything, from playing real money slots to emailing a friend or filling in an online form with no one being able to record any sort of digital footprint from you.

While there has been plenty of interest in a less-intrusive operating system for consumer mobile devices, no real-world alternatives have been able to compete with the likes of Android and iOS. The problem is that most people don’t fully understand the relationships between personal technology and privacy; at least not enough to make them convert from their current device to an eelo device.

The success of eelo and other “privacy-friendly” devices depends on the attitude of consumers and the work of social media. It all comes down to whether organisations and consumer believe they deserve and can get more privacy from their user devices.  

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