Internet Gambling Keeps Growing in the UK

As if the typical land-based gambling was not sufficient to satisfy players around the world, internet gambling has been increasingly popular with its glitz. People of all age groups are attracted to the relatively new concept with the dual reasons of easy playability and wins with small wagers. The story is no different for the UK, which has been recording an increase in the number of players as well as the annual yields for the operators. While the trend is new, there is some interesting facts and information worth being shared. For many years, UK has benefited from internet gambling as it has not been strictly regulated like China and India.

With the emergence of the concept of online casino, the UK has seen a trend common throughout the world. There are laws and frameworks for everyone. For the first time in 2014, the operators were instructed to deduct the tax on behalf of online and mobile casino UK players, wagering the money from within the UK itself.


Ballparks of the Online Casino UK Industry

For the financial year ending March 2017, the total Gross Gaming Yield for operators across the UK stood at £4.7 billion (i.e. the total earnings available to the operators, after deducting the winnings to players). This is an interesting trend to note. What is even more interesting is that online and mobile casino UK have been the single largest contributors to this figure, i.e. 34%. This represents a 10.75% of annual growth.


Online Casinos- The Top Wagered Games

There seem to be some games which are amongst the top favourites of players across the UK. To generalise, online slot games alone generate £1.7 billion, which is 64.5% of all online games. Additionally, remote betting increased by 10% as compared to the value last year. Pool betting increased by a whopping 16%. Plush Casino online has been doing a good job at providing all leading games, as well as keeping track of tax compliance, thus keeping players worry free of legal troubles. Contrary to the top gainers, online Bingo, which is one of the favourites could not make a mark regarding the proportionate increase and remained somewhat stagnant.

overall, the number of registrations saw a rise which does suggest that the overall trend will continue to remain in favour of online casinos and games not just for now, but for years to come. Land-based casino lovers need not get disappointed as it also recorded an increase of a marginal 3%.


Plush Casino and Much More to Lead the Trend

The facts and figures available are a good enough indicator that the trend in favour of online and mobile casinos is on the rise. Some of the best operators in the industry will keep leading the trends as well as bring more action to the fore. Players might better gear up to play by the rules. It can be expected that the tax compliance will be all set to become more stringent, with an increasing onus being on the service providers.

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