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Some people are just meant for geeky careers, no other route is going to suit them. If you know you’re this type of person, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of careers out there for you that will let you release your inner geek. Most of them do involve a lot of skill and brain power, but the best part is all of them pay pretty well. They aren’t just your run of the mill office admin jobs, we’re talking about the high tech, advanced knowledge, intricate jobs that all you geeky people out there are going to love. They aren’t even that hard to find either, a lot of companies are crying out for the tech and geek heads to come and work as part of their team. So if you’re curious about what might be out there for you, here’s a few jobs that we think would be perfect for the geekiness in us all.





If you become a developer, you can be looking to earn a hell of a lot of money. You’ll be surprised at how much some people get paid in this area, here’s a little insight into how much they can earn, The beauty of it is, there’s a couple of different areas you could go into as well. The first we’re going to talk about is a web developer. Some people self teach themselves how to do this, and if you’re one of the people who are able to do this, then hats off to you. To learn how to be a web developer, you’re going to have to understand code. And coding is very hard and complex. Yet some people out there spend months just training themselves up on how to write code, which is so amazing. But, if you’re going to go corporate with this career, you’re probably going to have to have some form of qualification in web development if you even want to get to interview stage. It’s all well and good teaching yourself, but if they don’t have the evidence that you actually know what you’re doing through education, you’re probably not going to get anywhere. Then you’ve got software developers, which are just as sought out and get paid just as much. Again, you will have to learn code, and it is best if you get some form of qualification. But something both areas do, and a lot of people do do, is go self employed. The opportunity to earn more money is often higher if you go self employed, and a lot of people prefer the flexible hours and being able to choose how much they’ll get paid per job. It is also easier than working in a corporate environment. But, to get to the self employed state you will probably have to go through a company first and build up a portfolio. If you’re looking to go self employed, check out this guide



This is another exciting area to enter into, and is definitely going to see you well paid. Unlike with development, you can’t really teach this yourself, and you will need some form of education if you’re going to gain any idea of what you’re doing. But, once you do become qualified, there’s so many routes that you can go down. Civil engineering seems to be such a popular one as you can go down so many routes with it. From highway maintenance to structural design, it really is an exciting career path to go down. The structural design path is one for the geeks within us. You’ll be able to combine design with the knowledge of engineering that you’ve learnt along the way. One you have become qualified, you can also move onto managerial positions that will see you earning so much each month. If you aren’t qualified enough, you can take online courses such as the one found here, The pay is so attractive in this career path, but you will likely have to spend some time in education before you’re qualified to do so. There’s also a lot of on the job training that you’ll need to undertake. Another great thing about this career path is that it does give you the opportunity to travel. If you have the education, there are companies all over the world that will be desperate to snap you up and make you part of their team.





Now, we know that this is going to be one of the things that is going to appeal to all the geeks out there. Gaming. It is going to be the one thing that released our inner geeks to begin with, and luckily for all you reading this, there’s plenty of careers out there that will offer you the chance to work within gaming. Take gaming development for example. It is such an exciting role to be in, to know you’d be at the forefront at making the next big game such as the likes of Call of Duty. It is however a very demanding role. You’ll have a lot of pressure put on you to meet targets and make sure your producing the best game you can. But, like the other roles, it is really well paid. Something that some of you might find even more appealing is games testing. It would be you getting paid to test all the latest up and coming games and seeing what you think, to some of you reading this this really is a dream job. The only downside is unfortunately they’re not the best paid compared to the other roles that we have listed. But, it is definitely one of the more fun options that you’ve got. One final route you could take with gaming, and definitely a more challenging one that you’ll probably have to spend years trying to do is professional gaming. You’ll obviously need to find a game that you are highly skilled at, and enter into small competitions and work your way up. It is so risky and you might never make it to the point where you earn money, but if you do there’s actually so much to be made from it.


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