How To Find Fellow Fanatics

Everyone has something that they just love spending time doing. Whether your vice is reading, gaming, playing sports, computers, or any of the thousands of activities that people all over the world dedicate their lives to. Sometimes though, simply doing the activity isn’t enough. You want to immerse yourself in it, your love of it defines who you are, it fills your every waking thought. You are not alone; whatever your interest may be, there are thousands of people out there, just like you, who would love nothing more but to dedicate every hour of the day to their activity. If this sounds like you, you have probably already surrounded yourself with a community of like-minded people who share information, stories and advice specific to your niche interest. Regardless of whether you have or haven’t found a way to connect with others who share your passion, it’s always good to connect with more people. Below are a few ways you can seek out your fellow fanatics, allowing you to share your wisdom while gathering from others to




Not only will there be many channels dedicated to your particular hobby or interest where you can learn more about new developments, but you can connect with other people using the comment section for each video. You can start discussions and exchange ideas, perhaps even ask the video creator for their opinion of a certain aspect. There will be a huge array of videos filled with advice and tips to keep you on the top of your game, as well as reviews of brand new products or news to do with the industry. Many of the people who run these channels will have access to information you may not be party to, due to their status following, so it’s a good way to stay ahead of the curve. Usually, there will also be events and meet and greets that your chosen creator, or their management team, will hold that will bring all their followers together - a big opportunity for you to meet new people and stay in contact. You may also find that after following your creator on all of their professional social media sites; you will connect with other followers by sharing, supporting and engaging in conversation with the creator and other fans.



The self-styled ‘front page of the internet’ is a perfect place to connect with others who share your interests. No matter how small the niche, there will be a ‘subreddit’ in which you can have conversations with others. From the broader topics such as astrophysics or politics to more specialised topics like Minecraft to the downright bizarre like ‘monkslookingatbeer’. There’s even a subreddit dedicated to listing and talking about the weirdest subreddits. On these forums, you can discuss theories about your favourite TV shows, ask for advice on how to create the perfect ambience for your weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons, or figure out why your DVD player isn’t working. Anything you could possibly think of is being discussed, meaning that you can learn new things about your interests and share them with the world.



Blogs work in a similar way to YouTube, except that instead of a video, the creator is uploading written articles. Again, there is room for discussion in the comments section if the host has provided one, and many blogs have guest articles written by specialists or industry workers who can pass on all manner of information and advice relevant to your passion. If you feel like you have a lot of information to offer, you could even start up your own blog and help provide guidance to others who are just getting into your hobby. It’s easy enough to start up your own website, and there is more information than ever to make the whole process happen in a matter of minutes. There is potential to grow your following and make your blog into your very own business, meaning you will be paid for doing and talking about what you love.


Social media

Social media is a great way to connect with people who have similar interests to yours. Not only can you reach out to your current friends to see if they share your passion, but there are also hundreds of pages and groups dedicated to many niche interests. By joining these, not only can you be part of discussions centred around your hobbies, but you can make friends with others, as well as share humorous or thought-provoking pictures or infographics. You can even use social media to organise events or gatherings in your local area to help bring your virtual community together; which brings us to our final method. If you do decide to create a blog or Youtube channel centred around your passions like previously mentioned, social media is also a great marketing tool to help you hit the ground running.


Real life

Though technology has enabled people from all over the world to be brought closer together, nothing quite beats human interaction. Whether it be large-scale events organised for the masses with tickets on sale months in advance, or it’s a small event that you planned yourself in the hope of meeting other people like you in your local area, there’s always a way to meet new people or put a face to that online name. Be sure to be safe about meeting new people from the online world though. Make sure you always meet in a public place and make sure someone knows where you are and who you have gone to meet. If you under the age of 16 you should always ask a parent or guardian for permission and have them accompany you to the meeting to ensure it is safe.

Hopefully, these ideas have opened your eyes to a wider world within your particular fandom. There is a whole host of ways to make new friends and share ideas, whatever your interest is. So be proactive, get out into the world (real or virtual) and start connecting.

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