A Geek’s Guide to Christmas 2017


Stream Time:

With the growth of streaming, we reckon 2017 will be the year we stream Christmas. From all the best holiday movies to chart-topping Christmas crackers. Anyone looking to enjoy their downtime and possibly keep the peace will no doubt to using a streaming service. For anyone unsure of what streaming is, think Spotify or Netflix.

Movies and music aren’t the only things worth streaming over Christmas. Taking over from traditional gaming and card games is Twitch. Twitch is an online platform that enables both professional and amateur gamers to stream their gameplay. Think of it as YouTube for gamers, creating the wave of streaming stars.

Avid poker players will also find Twitch to be the perfect forum for casino streaming. Allowing players at home to catch all the live action at top tournaments. Twitch is also a great way to up your own skill levels by watching the pros.

Twitch can also be used for socialising. Although family and friends might still harp on about gaming being anti-social. With plenty of downtimes to fill up over Christmas, why not fill it up with some quality stream time.

Christmas Jumpers:

Time to put away your cosplay outfits and dust off your Christmas jumpers. These garish jumpers have been a part of Christmas since the 1980’s. Since then they haven’t really changed much…

That is however until Star Wars Christmas jumpers. Star Wars fans haven’t had so much to cheer about since the release of Rogue One. Available in several Star Wars styles, the best phrases we’ve seen are “May the Cheer BB-8 with You” and “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. So if your office is planning to take part in Christmas Jumper Day (December 12th), why not don one of these Galactic Republic approved jumpers?

Comic book fans will also found plenty of festive knits based on the Marvel and DC Comic universe. Meaning that any Spiderman, Batman or Captain America fanatics won’t be left out in the cold.

UK Corbynista’s will even have a chance to get their hands on Jeremy Corbyn inspired “For the merry, not the few” jumpers. It should be noted that this may invite unwanted Brexit conversation.



Music and Movie Magic:

For all the geeks out there, the Christmas break will probably mean binge watching some quality movies. The most popular Christmas movies include Harry Potter series, Love Actually and Home Alone.  Harry Potter and Home Alone are suitable for children and adults. Harry Potter, of course, has resurfaced in all our minds since the opening of the Harry Potter section in a London Primark.  Hint: Harry Potter themed presents are a perfect choice for Potter fans of all ages.

Love Actually tends to be the cheesy movie of choice around Christmas. A movie about people finding love over the festive season. Movie buffs will also note that the late Alan Rickman stars in both Harry Potter and Love Actually.

Now onto the music, Christmas music. Largely unchanged over the years, Christmas music can be heard from November-January each year. Popular songs include Fairy Tale of New York – The Pogues and anything by Michael Bublé. Pop songs just seem to go hand in hand with Christmas. However, it is nice to see alternative bands and music break into the charts too. Anyone remember when Rage Against the Machine had the Christmas no.1 in 2009?

Competition for Christmas no.1 2017 is well underway with top contenders being Last Christmas – George Michael and One More Light - Linkin Park. Also eyeing up the top spot are this year’s X-Factor winner and anyone from One Direction.

To quote American author Garrison Keillor “A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.”

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