How Video Slots Are Becoming More Like Video Games

Remember when you’d simply walk into a casino, take a seat at your favourite slot machine and pull the lever or push the buttons hoping for reels to line up in a perfect, award-winning combination?

The brand-new generation of Millennials will most likely scratch their heads at the very idea which is enough of a proof that those old times are long gone.  

The gaming universe is an ever-evolving space and with so much investment being pumped into the online casino industry over the course of past two decades it can hardly come as a surprise to see video slots go through such a remarkable change and in an equally remarkable pace as well.

Looking back over our shoulder it actually is incredible to see the long road online video slots have gone through since the appearance of classic slot machines.

And with the unstoppable pace of the online casino industry the very same video slots we are talking about are starting to change and take different form. As a matter of fact, they are slowly starting to resemble video games.  


Similarities Between Slots and Video Games

The main similarity rests in a very basic concept behind both video slots and video games.

As two proud members of different branches in the gaming industry they both share same word and the idea they are built around– GAME. At the first glance, video slots and video games might seem like an unlikely match, but that could not be further away from the truth.

With progression of the industry as a whole built on a gaming concept, similarities are easy to perceive and identify. The unification of various industry’s aspects seems like a logical next step with online casino branch looking to introduce the cutting-edge technology to its mainstream market.

Making slot games as exciting, enticing and immersive as possible is the ultimate aim that will help big names in the online casino industry take a big step upwards in establishing their leading position.

And by doing so, online casino developers will slowly start erasing the fine line between video slots and video games which have thus far being considered as purely entertaining concept.

Entertainment, however, stands hand-in-hand alongside the rewarding aspect of video slots as more and online slot makers are already choosing to step outside their comfort zones and tackle the themes that had strictly been reserved for the video game world in the past.

Nowadays we get more and more branded games dealing with hot pop-culture topics like Jurassic World slot by world’s leading provider Microgaming and many similar others that have until recently been inconceivable as a video slot concept.

Arguably the best thing about these games is the fact that players can enjoy them for free at sites like Video Slot which offer plenty of slot games from top producers.


Gamification of Video Slots

When you think about it, the entire gamification concept is the logical step forward in the evolution of video slots.

The first time ‘Atari’ hit the scene in 1970s, as the first gaming system with changeable cartridges, it caused a massive stir in the fledging gaming industry which went on to go forward and never look back.

Think of the progress achieved in the years that came and compare it to the expansion currently enjoyed by technically superior slot games and gamification in the online casino landscape might not strike you as a taboo anymore.

Although they are still la far cry from immersive gaming technologies offered with PC video games, video slots are introducing a great number of technical advances which seemingly first kicked off with Quickspin’s Achievements Engine.

Developed with a sole idea to provide players with a more fun and rewarding experience, the Achievements Engine deploys different game events – similar to levels in a video game – rewarding players with tokens for a successful completion of a challenge.

By adopting this method of play, online casino game developers are implementing a more pronounced skilful element. Traditionally perceived as chance determined, slots are beginning to take a different shape and form that starts to appeal to a generation of young people which are being brought up in these exciting technological times.

With no limitations to further growth of the gaming technology there is no telling where video gaming will take us.

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