A New Generation of Skill-Based Games Arrives in Vegas!


We talked recently about how the traditional Vegas slot machines that we know and love must seem like something from a bygone age to millennials brought up on a gaming diet of Grand Theft Auto and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

That’s not an unreasonable proposition when you consider that the traditional slots that fill the gaming halls have changed very little in 50 years. Sure, video slots have arrived and added some technological wizardry and pop-culture bonus games, but one “Homer Simpson chasing a donut” style winner spinner does not constitute a gambling revolution.


New legislation, new games

The Nevada Gaming Commission passed new legislation in 2015 allowing a far broader range of games in the state’s casinos. Previously, there was a prerequisite that games had to be fundamentally based on chance, not skill. Thus, there were severe limitations on how much could be done with the bonus game features.

Now, the introduction of skill-based games is likely to change the face of casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and elsewhere. And it is not just the land based sites that will feel the effect.


Changes in the online sector

While millennials might not be taking to traditional slots in their droves, there are more than enough older enthusiasts to make online casinos one of the biggest growth sectors in the gaming industry. The database at https://www.thecasinodb.com/new-casino-sites does its best to keep up with the latest new arrivals, but with more casinos opening every day, each with a bewildering array of special offers to tempt new members, it is an almost impossible task.

Such intense levels of competition mean that here, it is even more important for sites to attract the young generation, and that means games that they can really engage with. Many are focusing on coverage and betting on eSports, which has captured the attention of millennials. Could land-based casinos look to do something similar?


The new games

The first platform to receive widespread distribution has been Gamblit, which is already becoming a common site in casinos across the States. Looking something like an old-fashioned air hockey or Subbuteo game from a distance, the multi-player standing terminal provides a choice of traditional casino games and contemporary skill-based challenges.

The overriding point, however, is the social aspect to the game. For millennials, gaming is something to be done with friends, whether it is online or in real life, and it is in this, as much as in the games itself, that Gamblit dares to be different.

There is a fantastically diverse variety of games on offer, including Road to Redemption, a strategic driving game, Playboy Pinball, which surely needs no explanation, and High Orbit, an alien shooter that is almost retro in its appeal.

But perhaps the most interesting game on offer is Jetpack Joyride, not because of the game itself, but more through what it represents. This has been one of the most successful online games of its time, with more than 350 million downloads. Could the future of land based casinos be to take inspiration from the virtual world? That will be evolution indeed.

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