Love Tech But Struggle To Afford It? You Need To Read This.


You know about the new tech developments months before they’re even released. You read the news, the specs of every item that’s going onto the market, have mentally compared them all and have strong opinions about which is the best buy. When it comes to your friends, they see you as the tech person, the one they turn to when their phone won’t switch on and their laptop “blue-screens”.

You would think, given this rich history, that your house would be stuffed to the brim with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, trials, products. Every surface would be covered in them; you’d have to buy new TV units just to house all your consoles. However, the truth is less than ideal; in fact, despite your love of tech, the simple reality is that you just don’t have the room in your budget to buy many of the items that you so adore.


The Plight Of The Impoverished Tech Lover

If any of the above sounds familiar, then don’t worry: you’re far from alone. A love of tech doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the budget to buy all the items that so enthral you, so for much of the time, you might find yourself on the sidelines. While you might know everything there is to know about the new releases, you’re far from a point in your life where you can join the queues to get your hands on the latest gadget the moment it goes on sale.

So, when the above is true, what can you actually do about it? If your finances are constrained, are you permanently marked out from the crowd, unable to indulge? Not necessarily. There are always ways and means.


Become A Product Tester

Before any new product is released to market, it undergoes a series of “beta” tests. These are usually performed by real consumers, who help the developer to iron out all of the issues. Browse online for opportunities to become a tester for yourself if this appeals. Now, that’s not to say that this is simple -- if it was, literally everyone would be doing it -- but it might be the best way to try and get your hands on new tech and be paid for your opinion. You might not always be able to keep the product, but the cash received for your efforts you definitely will be able to retain-- and you can put it towards your next tech purchase.


Look For Assistance

Plenty of companies, such as Q-Link run by Issa Asad, are trying to make technology more accessible to those on lower incomes. It’s worth looking to see if there are any programs that you might qualify for, to ensure that you’re always able to keep yourself connected. Lifeline, for example, aims to provide cell phone service to those on low incomes. If you can get a discount on your cell phone plan, then you can focus your funds on buying the best phone you possibly can-- it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than having to pay full price for your calling plan, too.


Learn To Fix Damaged Tech

If you translate your love of tech into hands-on experience, you could save yourself a fortune. eBay and other online sites are full of damaged or broken tech; if you can bring them back to life, then they’re yours to use, and won’t have cost anywhere near the price of the item if fully-functional.

Loving tech when you haven’t the funds to indulge that love can be trying. However, if you look through the above options, you should be able to find something that works for you.

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