Classic Gaming Franchises You Can Play On Your Phone!

We all have our favorite video game franchises. Perhaps, you love Hitman, the thinker's man assassins game where you’ll have to come up with clever strategies on how to take out your target. Or, maybe you’re more interested in RPGs, games where you get to explore ancient worlds and fantastical cities. Maybe, you just love a good old platformer where the main aim is simply to collect the most points or to traverse the level in the smallest amount of time. There have been some great AAA franchises that have delivered all of these experiences and more. But what you may not realize is that you can now continue your adventure on your mobile phone. Let’s look at one of the most popular examples of this, Pokemon Go.


Go became a cultural phenomenon last year, finally giving customers the chance to do what they’d always wanted, catch Pokemon in the real world. Using a clever blend of what was essentially a GPS app and augmented reality, Nintendo worked with a developer to make this dream come to life in a way that was rather exciting. In fact, it was downloaded close to a billion times and made everyone get outside to start catching Pokemon. Since then, the game has received numerous updates, and you can now catch the second generation of Pokemon. Legendaries have been introduced to the game, and the gym systems have been sharply improved. Unfortunately, for many gamers, this was too little too late. When the game was released, it had a huge surge of fans but looking back it really was a barebones release. Improving it now, may not be enough to get the fans back. So, let’s look at a franchise now on mobile that instead was worth your time from the beginning.


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire


If you love Final Fantasy, you will almost definitely have played XV that told a bold and winding tale of a prince desperate to take back his Kingdom. It mixed hi-tech futuristic worlds with stories that would fit into Arthurian legend, and after taking nearly ten years to arrive, many people have deemed it a masterpiece. You might have even tried the VR demo for the fishing game that’s actually rather good. That’s right, Final Fantasy managed to make fishing an exciting adventure. But if you have always loved the series the next step is getting your hands on Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. This game has all you love from the series and allows you to take control of epic battles at the tips of your fingers. It’s cool, exciting and best of all captures the glory of the old school games with vintage graphics, PS One fans are sure to find familiar. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the franchise in a brand new way.


Super Mario Run


Do you love Super Mario? Then Nintendo have another mobile treat for you up their sleeve. You can play Super Mario Run. This is essentially like all the other side-scrolling endless runners that you have played on your phone with one difference. This one has Mario as well as the designs for levels that Nintendo is known for. That to us makes it worth the download. It’s also the first ever Mario game that you can actually play with one hand which is rather goal. As the very least this is going to keep people happy while they wait for the rather promising looking Super Mario Odyssey. While the Switch might be more portable than most platformers, it’s not quite the same as beating Bowser simply by pulling out your Mobile and clicking on an app.




There are a few different ports of GTA available for your phone, and we realize this is kind of cheating. It’s not a brand new game. It’s actually the games that you probably grew up with like GTA III where you explored Liberty City and flew tanks or San Andreas where you could explore artistic interpretations of the three major cities in America. They haven’t quite managed to port four or five yet, but give them time, we’re sure these are coming. The games haven’t changed a bit, and the graphics are actually slightly improved. So, if you’re feeling stressed, this might be just what you need on your long journey home from work. While it might be a port, we’re sure with fresh technology it’s just a matter of time before Rockstar releases an original GTA game for our phones.

As you can see, then you really can get AAA game franchises on your phone with cool experiences that are just as fun as the originals.

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