Online Casino Games - Skill or Pure Luck?


Do you believe that online casino games are based on sheer luck or are you of the opinion that the games require skills? This question is asked by many who wish to try their luck in playing these games. Many experienced players are of the opinion that games such as Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack require pure skill set and years of practice. Several casino winners attribute their winnings to both strategy and skill which they honed over the years. Whereas there are certain players who believe that winning casino games provided by the top online casino providers like Casino Pros and many other online casinos demand nothing more than pure luck (see our Casino Max review as an example).  


Expert opinion on online casino games  

As per experts, winning online casino games is actually a combination of both the factors: Skill and Luck. There isn’t any single parameter that dictates the success of an individual ultimately. The winning potential of an individual is dependent on the complexity of the game as well. Table games demand an understanding of the game as well as certain skills in order to be successful as opposed to online slot games that can be played by both expert and novice players. Casino fans are of the assumption that players can make incredible winnings by playing progressive jackpots. However, poker is fiercely debated as a game of skill.


Poker as a game of skill

Of all casino games, there is a demand for recognizing poker as a game of skill. This demand has left the casino to lie down strict gambling laws. With the increase in popularity of the game, more and more skilful players are surfacing from all over the world. Several judges in Russia have already termed poker as a game of skill. The distinction is quite clear between poker and other online casino games such as Roulette. Although there is an adage that goes that poker is 70 percent gambling on luck and 30 percent gambling on skill.


Research conducted on highly skilled poker players

In an article titled, “The Role of Skill Vs Luck in Poker” authored by Thomas J Miles and D Levitt, the authors carried out an analysis of highly skilled players at The World Series of Poker during the year 2011. The highly skilled players gained an average ROI of more than 30 percent as opposed to other players who were participating in the tournament. Had poker been a game of sheer luck, then the best players in the world would not be able to reach the finals in several big tournaments organized all over the world.



If you take a look at the online games that the players indulge in online casinos such as Casino Pros and others, you will find that few are governed by sheer luck and games such as Poker demand skill set. Video Slots and Roulette need to be played sensitively as they may burn a hole in your pocket if you fail to make wise decisions. Table games require the players to bring some knowledge to the table whereas there are other games which can be won only if the lady luck is on your side.

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