Maximize Your Home Theater Experience This Summer

From the penultimate season of GAME OF THRONES to the debut of GLOW and the return of the legendary TWIN PEAKS, this has been a summer of epic television for geeks of all ages and tastes. In a larger cultural shift away from movie theaters and towards the quality entertainment of the small screen, consumers are voting with their time and their dollars and television is winning the day. 


But in a world with cord cutting, OTT streaming and a seemingly endless list of growing options with which to take advantage of the "do it yourself" home entertainment technology available, the barrier to entry can be daunting for new consumers. Thankfully, we are here to help you navigate your way through this brave new world so you can get the home entertainment experience that is best for you. 

While most consumers know AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Fire, there is a whole universe of customizable delivery options to be had. The Amazon streaming platform design allows for a host of custom boxes that can be tweaked to your specific needs. A very popular option for the "do it yourself" crowd is the Kodi brand of open-source home entertainment streaming technology, which can be run on a host of boxes and enable the owner to control their entire library from one spot.

While some boxes can't run Kodi, with just a little bit of research even the neophyte streamer can put together an affordable option. Another popular alternative is the Plex media center platform, which has found fans due to its easy accessibility within the AppleTV and Roku infrastructures as well as a longtime presence as an app on the major video game consoles.

Ultimately, each consumer needs to create the home entertainment server specific to their own needs. Be it Kodi, Plex or something else, it seems clear that we have entered a brave new world with all new rules. Never before has the home consumer had this level of power and never before has the market been forced to react so drastically to keep up. It's truly a great time to be an entertainment fan and consumer. 

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