How The DCU Became Big Business!


DC and Gaming Technology

There are so many games connected to the DC universe for just about any gaming platform you can imagine. Most video game players are at least familiar with the Batman: Arkham series, whether they have spend hours enjoying the top notch cinematic stories or not. Recently, the Arkham series even made a leap over to VR technology. Like many video game powerhouses, DC has its hand in plenty of technological endeavors. If you're familiar with the arcade games of classic times, there was even a point that DC teamed up with NAMCO to appeal to fans through a Batman and Robin arcade game back in the early '90's. 

Unsurprisingly, there are online slot games that follow that same retro gaming idea. By integrating a brand as familiar as DC, with such notable characters as Batman and the Joker plastered on the side of slots, DC has made some smart moves through affiliations that have only helped to grow their brand. This has led to what we know now of DC and why it is such a popular brand, even if you're only familiar with two or three of their most popular heroes.


The Newest DC Additions

DC has a rich history and all the classics that have aided in its rise in popularity have created a platform in which numerous sub-stories can branch off of the name and gain some recognition. The comic mega giant has used its familiar name to take advantage of the many ideas that creators might choose to experiment with. While many of these experimentation may go mostly unnoticed, there are a few notable stories that test the superhero genre in such a way that seems to be adding to DC's ability to expand to a wider audience.

Crossover stories that you wouldn't believe have been created and published through DC for some time. By crossover, that means that one story (possibly in one universe that has not necessarily originated from DC) is combined with another in order to add interest. In the case of DC, stories like Scooby-Doo Apocalypse has combined characters from a beloved Hanna-Barbara animation with a post-apocalyptic story line and updated the looks of the characters in the process. This creates intrigue since the characters are recognizable by adults who grew up watching such cartoons but the art is updated enough to keep the heightened attention spans of today's young adult audience.

It seems as if comic books have seen a rise in popularity as of late but it's unclear whether this re-branding has had a hand in that or not. They've even redesigned Aquaman to appeal to the newer generation, giving him a more rugged and "Poseiden-esque" appearance, complete with scraggly beard and magical triden. Whether this hails back to Triden, a mythological god of the sea (much like Poseiden), it's definitely a weapon and more warrior-like sight than fans of the classic Aquaman are familiar with since it's lacking a skin tight orange, green, and black swimsuit as so often seen in the older comics starring the sea-dweller.

By changing the character designs of a few of the most notable heroes and villains, DC has seen a mixed response as it attempts to gain a balance in the new millennial world. You can see the best example of this in the mixed response to the recent release of Suicide Squad in relation to the character design changes made to the Joker and Harley Quinn.


Movies in the DC Universe

You can see a complete release list of all upcoming DC movies that will soon grace the big screen in the years to come. It's truly exciting being able to look to the future and see which of your favorite comic book characters from your youth with eventually be getting their very own movie (and possibly trilogy).

With the success of the recent film Wonder Woman and the mixed reviews that Batman V.S. Superman has garnered, fans look forward to the upcoming release of Justice League with much anticipation. The fact of the matter is that fans really do want such a big budget film to go off without a hitch. You could say that the movies are what really end up reaching the biggest audience for DC. Without successfully pulling off a good film, they fail to reach the masses in quite the same way that their video games or comics do. Not everyone is into playing Gods Among Us or reading the recent issue of Batman, no matter how iconic the caped crusader is. But when it comes to film, even if you aren't a hardcore fan of superheroes, you are still likely to sit down for two hours to enjoy something whose lore you have no interest in getting to know better. That being said, it's through a successful release of big budget films that DC has seen the most return and which has led it to becoming quite the big business due to how easily accessible movies are for most people.

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