How Mobile Has Influenced Online Gambling

For the first time in history, the use of mobile devices overtook the use of PC or desktop applications.  Research has shown that mobile devices used up 55% of all internet usage in the United States in January this year.  47% of that was through app usage, and the other 8% through mobile browsers.  PC or desktop usage of the internet was 45%.  These figures show a growing trend towards mobile usage, with consumers preferring to use their mobile devices rather than their PCs or desktops to access the internet.  


Quick to Adapt

The gambling industry has always been an early adapter.  Even as early as the invention of the telegram, bookies were quick to utilize any tool at their disposal to increase business.  With the advent of the internet, casino companies saw the potential to reach a market previously unavailable to them, and online casinos were born.  

However, those first online casino games were a far cry from the slick and seamless user experience offered by an NZD casino today - let alone the pay by phones casinos at Fortune Frenzy - although they were an important stepping stone for the industry.   Consumers who were not likely to visit a land based casino – for whatever reason, be it an inconvenient geographical location, or simply that they did not have the time to make a trip, were now able to play their favourite games in the comfort of their own homes.  


Enter the Smartphone

Fast forward a few years to the release of the first smart phone.  Smartphones are described as a mini hand-held computer, which has all the functionality of a PC or desktop, but that fits in your pocket.  When they were first released, smartphones were an expensive commodity, only affordable to the higher income bracket, but within a relatively short amount of time, they came commonplace, with people from all earning brackets being able to afford one.  Smart phones revolutionised the internet and gave access to consumers of every demographic, many of whom would not have had it previously.  Again, the casino industry saw the potential to reach even further consumers previously unavailable to them, and began to develop online gaming for mobile.  

The mobile app industry has improved in leaps and bounds even in the last few years, with developers fine tuning their software further and further, and making the user’s experience on mobile seamless from desktop to mobile.  Mobile gaming is no different, and its developers have worked to make the experience of playing a game on your mobile device no different from playing on your PC, if not better.


The Ultimate Convenience

The major key in the transformation from online to mobile is the convenience of mobile.  Consumers are now able to switch between activities effortlessly like shopping for groceries, but playing a game whilst waiting it in the queue.  They are no longer tied to their desktops or PC when they wish to play a game.  Casino companies are far more easily able to reach their customers, but they have also had to adapt more ways to attract their target audience’s attention.  Many mobile casinos have special offers and bonuses available for customers using mobile.  Mobile gambling has also become more popular through social gaming.  Many consumers developed an affinity for mobile gambling, after playing and enjoying the free games available on their app stores.  

With everyone having access to a smartphone these days, mobile casino has made mobile gambling a norm in society.  The mobile casino industry continues to grow and expand hand in hand with the modern obsession of mobile technology.   Providers are constantly developing new and better software, with safer and more convenient payment methods.  With customers progressively moving away from their PC’s and desktops towards mobile devices, the industry can only continue to grow.  

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