How Going Online Moved BINGO Into The Future

Advantages of Playing Bingo Online

The bingo industry was established in the 1960’s and it quickly became a popular game in the US and the UK.  With the introduction of the internet the way bingo was played and offered to players changed for the better.  Bingo is now available across the world and still has the traditional rules, but has now been made available online, which means it is more convenient and easier to than ever before.


A Wider Range of Bingo Games

Playing bingo in a land-based situation is different from playing online.  Traditional bingo has two main variants, 75 and 90 ball bingo.  Online developers have tried to mimic these variants, but they have also developed other variants of bingo as they do not have to consider overheads such as space, staff and the cost of these.  This means that there are many more bingo variants online.  With online bingo players they have the option of playing a new bingo game every 30 seconds, which has given developers the scope to create shorter bingo games such as 30 and 50 ball bingo.  Some developers have also developed their own creations, which are based on traditional bingo but with a few modern twists.  An example of this is SNAP, instead of using numbered balls, playing cards are used.  Bingo players now have access to many more bingo options.  


Faster Paced Gaming

Online bingo is a fast paced game in contrast to playing land-based bingo which is based mainly on social interaction.  Players who play land-based casino are out for an entertaining game of bingo while online bingo players are playing mainly for money and speed which has made online bingo known for being its fast paced game play.  It is difficult to make comparisons between the two different platforms, but online bingo is played at a faster pace with an online bingo caller putting out numbers every 3 seconds while with land-based bingo it’s usually every 10 seconds.  

Online bingo makes use of a random number generator (RNG) so the numbers are announced much more regularly, while with land-based bingo it is a slower process with breaks in between which makes the game longer.  With online bingo the online casino will automatically check off the numbers on the cards so no need to wait for players to manually cross off numbers and shout BINGO!


More Value for Money

Bingo online is much cheaper as casinos have less overheads to consider, which means that online casinos can offer bingo games at a reduced cost.  Players can also enjoy free bingo when playing online and there is a much bigger selection of games. Playing for free allows players to try out these different games for free without having to make a deposit.  When playing bingo online players stand the chance of winning jackpots which are usually much higher than land-based bingo game,  and there are also progressive jackpots online which often grow quite large as a percentage of each bet goes into the jackpot pool.  

The development of the internet has made access to bingo much easier and allows players to enjoy a faster paced game, more bingo variants and generous jackpots and prizes.  


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