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Whilst the rise of next-gen console gaming has granted us some incredible graphics and immersive gameplay, it’s also given us plenty of headaches too.

So whilst you’re waiting for your Xbox One game to download, here’s a selection of awesome browser games that are not only instantly playable, but can also deliver everything from multiplayer mayhem to free spins on casino games. For more gaming fun, try casino bonus bez depozytu.



It’s simple yet addictive titles like and that instantly show just how much fun you can have with a browser game. Whether you’re wriggling away from other snakes in or just aiming to become a massive amorphous blob in, it’s the fact that you’re competing against other human players in real-time that makes these chaotic games all the more exciting.

But one of the best multiplayer browser games out there has to be the awesome Tanki Online. This not only features some seriously impressive graphics for a browser title, but the sheer carnage that you can create from your cute little tank can make for endless hours of gaming entertainment.



However, it’s not all about such explosive action, as 8 Ball Pool is one of the most successful browser games out there. This does a great job of recreating the classic bar room game, and the addition of multiplayer features makes it all the more realistic.

It’s a similar concept to what you can find by playing the casino games at the InterCasino website. With plenty of classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker stunningly recreated for browser gaming, and some of the slots games even have 110 free spins, it shows that playing via a browser can win you some serious money.



One of the most long-lasting browser games is the legendary Runescape. This addictive MMORPG has been in existence since 2001, and it’s been fascinating to see how the game has evolved over the years thanks to plenty of innovative updates that ensures that gamers don’t have to ever think about leaving their computer screens.


And finally, it’s often the simplest games that have proven to be the biggest hits in the browser-based gaming realm. Whether it’s the likes of Geometry Dash being perfectly suited for a dose of casual gaming, or Happy Wheels relying on the simplest of keyboard mechanisms to deliver hours of gaming excitement, it shows that not all browser game titles need 110 free spins to make the gaming action effortlessly addictive.

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