Four Stunning New Releases At The Google Play Store!

Within the last months, Google Play Store has once again provided numerous new additions to its selections of art, sports, dating, music and action Android apps. But which ones will deliver the excitement necessary get your blood pumping and mind whirring? Here are our most recent picks!


  1. Revolution Offroad

Revolution Offroad is one of the newest off-roading games available on the Google Play Store. It combines a love for high-adrenaline car driving with the great outdoors - don't expect surplus time in which to take in the scenery, though, because on this journey it is imperative to stay alert from start to finish.

This virtual off-roading experience allows you to select a suspension structure for your car suitable for the terrain of the gamescape, before you embark upon on a mission to battle against the elements as your vehicle perseveres through mud, flowing water and hair-raising turnings. With a navigation component added to the newest version of the app, along with fast-paced gameplay, this game creates a realistic, engaging situation that can be enjoyed without the real-life risk.


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  1. Catch Up

Sometimes it is "simple yet addictive titles like and" that prove to be the most fun.

Catch Up is one such game. The aim of this app is to roll and jump a ball through an obstacle course that is constantly in motion, without allowing it to collide or become stuck. Victories culminate in an accumulation of gems, which allow you to gain new balls, including rare ones. Subsequently, this simple-yet-addictive app is suitable for both hours of fun or spare moments throughout the day.


  1. Infogol - Football Scores, Results and Betting Tips

InfoGolApp via Twitter

All four apps refuse passivity, instead allowing you to immerse yourself, becoming fully involved and alert throughout the duration of game play. The Infogol app, however, not only requires you to stay alert to what is going on, but also helps you act on it. Giving live score updates (which help those unable to watch the soccer match live), results, fixtures, statistics and betting tips, Infogol makes sure soccer fans are on top of everything they could possibly want to know, through in-depth analysis of data. Not only is a pre-match summary - including the match line-ups - provided, but the "Stats" section offers even more detail, such as statistics for shots and passes. 

Currently, Infogol covers the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga and English Premier League and Championship, with additional leagues to be included in time. Career profiles, current stats and previous season details: all are included. With free bets and access to the "Expected Goals Model", predicting the result of the match (either home, draw or away) and even specific goals can be done with more confidence and accuracy than before.


  1. Future Subway Euro Train Transformation Robot War

A study of video game sales in the US in 2016 revealed that the most popular genre was shooter games, at 27%, while action games came in second with 22.5%. Even better, however, may be a game that combines both of these popular genres. 

The brilliantly titled Future Subway Euro Train Transformation Robot War delivers this. The mission? To transport cargo across Europe without letting it fall into the hands of enemy robots who, like you, possess shooting capabilities - making moments of intense combat inevitable. The phalanx of enemies you must face ranges from airborne monsters to autobots. Fans of transformation games are in luck, as the app has you play as either a train or car that transforms into a robot when the occasion arises to defend your cargo. With realistic sounds and landscapes, Future Subway Euro Train Transformation Robot War provides a game with constant motion, in which vigilance is essential to success. 

These new releases from the Google Play Store do not just require adrenaline, alertness and confidence in your decisions, but help you to develop these skill sas well. 

Take your pick, or download them all!

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