SEO 2017: A Beginner's Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major key to your success as an online business owner. Statistics show that three quarters of all internet users only click on the first page of their search results. To gain these high rankings, you will need to develop your SEO skills by producing great content, actively using social media, and developing technical skills.

Great SEO starts with great content. The articles on your website should be well-written and you should frequently update your blog. You should provide value for your readers by showing them a fresh story that stands out from other articles about the same subject. Readers like articles that flow naturally, so resist the temptation to put too many keywords into your writing. Adding videos and infographics to your written content, on the other hand, will boost your search engine rankings.

Once you have uploaded some well-designed content, social media users will want to share links to your website. This is a great first step, but you need to establish your own social media presence in order to increase your search engine rankings. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all great places to start. You should regularly update your profile with videos and infographics that users can easily share. You also need to interact with your potential customers by replying to their comments.

The right technical skills will also help your SEO. You should regularly update your website's XML sitemap, test your website speed, and remove broken links from your content. When writing new content, you should know which keywords to use. Include keywords in your tags and meta descriptions, but remember not to use too many of them in your articles. The overuse of keywords is something that the Google Penguin looks for. This “Penguin” is a Google algorithm that analyzes websites and makes sure that they are designed for humans instead of robots. Google Penguin buries websites with unnaturally produced content at the bottom of search results, so you need to be familiar with this algorithm.

You will develop great SEO skills over time by focusing on well-written content, social media interaction, and your technical knowledge. If you want your increase your search engine rankings immediately, it is easy to find a helping hand. When you hire a good guest posting service, your business will gain access to content writers who are SEO experts. These skilled professionals will help your business reach more potential customers through the search engines.

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