New Sports Coming To The 2020 Olympics!

Despite the fact that it’s essentially a government-run competition with astronomical costs, the Olympic games regularly introduce new sports. The upcoming games in 2020 are no exception. Here are the new sports that the International Olympic Committee says will be at the next games.



Most of you will probably have heard of softball. It's a variant on baseball which involve hitting a larger ball on a smaller field. The great thing about the sport is that you need practically no training or equipment to get started. All you need is a bat, a softball and a pair of sneakers which you can get on the cheap using Charlotte Russe promo codes. Once you’re setup, you’re ready to go.



When most people think of martial arts, the first one they think about is karate. However, karate is not yet an Olympic sport to the surprise of many. That’s all about to change in 2020 when the IOC brings in competitors from all over the world. Finally, we will be able to see real “Bruce Lees” in action, taking on the world’s best. Expect karate to be a lot more interesting than judo or taekwondo to watch. Although both are highly technical sports, they involve a lot of grappling which can decrease interest. Karate should be more about contact and fighting.


When BMX was first introduced to the Olympic schedule back in Beijing 2008, many people thought that it would be no time at all before other street sports were included in the calendar of events. However, because of their reputation, the IOC was slow on the uptake, worrying that there simply wasn’t the talent in the sport to make many of them Olympic events.


As international skateboarding competitions have shown, this simply isn’t the case. The skateboarding community is worldwide and encompasses a broad range of age groups. The rise of skateboarding has been fuelled by games on the Playstation, a Japanese product, making it fitting that the first games that will feature skateboarding will be in Tokyo.

Rock Climbing

Many of us tried our hand at rock climbing when we were boy scouts, but for one reason or another decided that it wasn’t for us. However, climbing is an international sport and one that is very exciting, thanks to the daredevil activities of climbers on social media. We’ve seen dozens of stories about climbers who find buildings in the middle of great cities and make it their mission to climb them before the authorities arrive.


Now rock climbing is coming to the Olympics, though it’s not entirely clear what the format will be. Will the climbing location have to be purpose-built to ensure a high enough difficulty? Or will there be a separate location outside Tokyo where the climbing will take place?



Finally, there’s surfing. How the IOC plans to make this competitive isn’t yet clear. However, it’s likely that surfers will have to display skills or ride the biggest waves the Pacific has to throw at them. Either way, it should be a lot of fun.

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