Classic Games With A Modern Twist



It is common in the games industry to take an old idea and modernize it. This is thanks to the current technology allowing for more modern game design or better production quality year on year. Here are some games that might look prettier but are still the same games at their heart.


Monopoly actually began as a way for anti-monopolist Elizabeth J. Magie Phillip to explain the single tax theory of Henry George. She intended it as an educational tool to illustrate the negative areas of land control in private monopolies. Today though, Monopoly has embraced that which it once stood against and has had one of the longest print runs the history of board games. There is essentially a Monopoly board for a genre, interest or theme. The Walking Dead have one, Pokemon has one, Yorkshire has one, even Heinz Baked Beans has one, there are very few places a Monopoly isn’t present and its name is known around the world. Monopoly for all the good and bad is a household name that most people have been exposed to in one way or another.

Classic Games

Classic card games like solitaire and hearts were some of the first game you could play on a PC. They took the leap to digital early and haven’t looked back since. Other such similar games can be seen all over the various app stores for smartphones these days and still a common occurrence on PCs, too. Similarly, gambling made the move from casino halls to websites and now to mobiles. Players who once had to visit a casino can now play roulette from their PC or via a mobile casino like LadyLucks. The likes of poker, blackjack and even slot machines have now also game digital, too. As technology improves we’ll no doubt see these timeless games on the likes of VR and AR.


Pac-Man has come a long way from the arcade days. The actual game itself is relatively unchanged. You control the little yellow chap and you must collect dots and fruit while avoiding ghosts until you get a power-up and can go hunting them. It has seen plenty of iterations outside this base concept including a TV series and 3D Super Mario World style game. None of them has been as successful as the original and people consistently prefer classic Pac-Man to any of the more modern takes. So it often gets nicer graphics and music but is still the same game at heart.

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