It's What People Want That Matters!

"Modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people."

Trends and pop culture govern our lives even if we think they don't. We are constantly bombarded with numerous advertisements and thoughts about what is going to be 'the in things' to wear, eat or listen to on a daily basis.

This is fine as long as we are aware and let's face it some of the ideas are pretty good!

From the catwalks to the high street pop culture is evident and can begin to dominate some people's lives.

Take the smartphone as an example. There are not many people that do not have access to this essential piece of kit, and it seems almost inconceivable that it's only a decade ago that the very first iPhone was introduced to the public.  

"This is going to change the way people communicate forever." I wonder just how much change was envisaged by those developers?

We can now use our smartphones for most daily tasks and then some. Smartphones have even rejuvenated some games like bingo which is now popular amongst the younger generation and is no longer seen as the game of the 'blue rinse brigade.'

Personally I love slots games, there is something I really like about the spin of the reels, the pause, and the anticipation to see if I will land on a bonus feature really pulls me.  I regularly play at sites like  which offer incredible welcome packages. Schmitts Casino has a welcome for their new players of up to £1000 (in dollars and Euro too) plus 25 free spins which makes it one of the best welcomes you can get from any online casino today.

There is nothing quite like enjoying your games whenever and wherever you please be it in the bath or at the airport, and now we have come to enjoy them in HD (and OLED if rumours about Apple's new iPhone are right) plus we have come to expect only the best audio and video clips to make our time spent online a good one.

In fact smartphones have become so ingrained into our society that it is more than a minor inconvenience if we break or lose one!  Ever left one in a taxi? Or maybe lost one on a night out? If the answer is 'yes' then you will have experienced that sinking feeling that comes with losing a beloved friend! (Ok, ok a tad overly dramatic, but you know what I mean!)

Of course there is always a downside to something so popular and useful, there has to be doesn't there?

Phubbing!  Or more correctly Phone Snubbing has been reported as being one of the reasons that relationships break down. In essence it is ignoring your partner in favour of your phone.  Guilty?  Best be careful then or you just might find yourself out in the cold with only your apps for company!

All jokes aside Phubbing has been put up there with money issues and kids as one of the major reasons that couples find themselves in difficulty.

There is no short fix to the phubbing issue as the smartphone and its associated kit become even more advanced so we shall have to wait and see what evolves alongside the even more sophisticated devices we look forward to in the future.

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