Ultimate Gifts For The Car Geek In Your Life!

Geeks, we all have our vices. Some of us like phones and mobile devices, whereas others like Comic-Con and superheroes. But, it doesn’t matter what we like because we aren’t the only geeks in the world. In fact, we aren’t the only geeks in our lives because our family and friends all have their vices. Yes, most people don’t care about Comic-Con, yet they go mad for cars. So, if you have one of these people in your lives, and there’s a holiday on the horizon (Mother’s Day), here are some gift ideas that might help.


Supercar Experience

Most car fanatics dream of one thing – driving a supercar like Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher. Because of the cost of a Ferrari, most people don’t get to realise their dream. The good news is there is a way that you can help them without breaking the bank. The solution is a supercar experience where they get to drive several muscle cars around a track. Then, they can get behind the wheel of a Porsche or a Lambo and feel what it’s like to be a professional driver for a day. Plenty of stores sell them, so shop around for the best deal.


A Day At The Track

Driving a muscle car is an awesome experience, but it is also a great feeling to watch one going around the track. The feeling is especially unique when it is a Formula 1 event and they’re watching the best of the best on track. Seriously, when you hear the rev of the engine and the roar of the crowd, you won’t want the day to end either. Plus, lots of F1 races include tickets for the whole weekend as well as entertainment on Sunday after the race. As a package, it is one of the best gifts a petrolhead can receive, as long as their favourite driver doesn’t crash out at the first corner!


Car Paraphernalia

Almost every car lover will adore a once in a lifetime gift, but, it’s worth remembering they still have to come back to reality afterwards. With that in mind, a practical present is often the best option. If your car geeks are like every other, they will hate getting their car dirty. So, you can buy a selection of WeatherTech floor mats to help them keep it tidy. Plus, you can throw in an air freshener so that the motor never stinks. Some people even go as far as buying a car washing set, although that might say a little too much. These gifts might seem on the small side, but they’ll have a big impact.


Classic Car Movies

The Italian Job; American Graffiti; To Please A Lady: these are all classic car movies, and the list goes on. A true petrolhead will love sitting in front of the TV binge watching car movies because it reminds them of why they fell in love in the first place. Car lovers all remember their first car because it was their first taste of freedom, but it wasn’t their first introduction to automobiles. Films and television are the sources of most people’s affection, so how can you go wrong?


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