Latest Rumors On The New iPhone!

For those that do not own a smartphone reading the speculation and hype about Apples new launch coming later this year is a little confusing. What they don’t realize if they do not own an iPhone is how important those mobile devices are to their owners.


As an iPhone user I lap up every last detail that I read about the forthcoming Apple 8 (or 10 or Edition!)

When the very first iPhone was launched with the statement that it would change the way that we communicate forever.  Not only do we use our mobiles to talk or text but we carry out day to day tasks like banking and paying for good and services, we also use our smartphones for so much more.

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Hence we expect something pretty special from Apple this year, especially as it is the company's celebratory year. People are hoping that the new iPhone will be the most eye-catching smartphone to date. Whether the device will have a curved display, be made of glass, will boast an OLED display  or come with a whole array of updated features we will have to wait and see.

In general it seems to be agreed that there will at least some of the things in the list below will be included in the new phone:

  • That the main logic board will be in two pieces instead of one
  • That Quick charging will be supported when using a cable
  • That the device will us an OLED screen form Samsung
  • That it is possible facial recognition will be incorporated as well as a fingerprint scanner
  • That there will be a laser sensor for gesture recognition
  • That Apple could move the SIM tray to the bottom edge of the device

We can also expect to see:

  • Long range wireless charging but this might not be available until 2018
  • An Apple A11 processor
  • We could see a change in the case material to glass or even ceramic
  • The device will house 64 or 256GB with 3GB of RAM
  • There is hope for a 3D front facing camera which would replace the current Touch ID
  • The iPhone will have iOS 11 software
  • The size will be a 5.8 edge to edge screen with no bezels and no home button included


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