Fun Sports To Get You Out Of The House!

The majority of humans have a hobby they enjoy or pastime they love. Our passion for these hobbies ensure we enjoy life and get the most out of it. Sporting hobbies are some of the best to have, primarily because they can keep you fit and are great for your health. The same applies to your social life. Sports can help you meet new people and get you out of the house doing something you enjoy. Here are some sporting ideas that you can get into on your own or with other friends. They range in taste, but there are way more out there you can try, such as watersports.



The sport can hurt sometimes, as the paintballs which don’t splat bounce off and leave a nasty purple bruise. It’s a sport you need to put your mind to, and strategy plays a huge part in it. You can get decent exercise as there is a lot of running. You’ll be teamed up with others, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone there. You’ll play differing game types too and if you get proficient enough there are national paintball leagues for you to get involved with. It can be quite dangerous if a paintball hits you in the face or eye, as such make sure you get yourself a good mask. You can find some reviewed at The guns are usually provided at the centre, but you can get your own if you enjoy the sport enough.




A top sport for those who no longer feel up to running around, but prefer something less strenuous. It isn’t really a sport, more of a skill. And there is a steep learning curve to golf. You’ll need your own clubs, as well as a bag and correct attire and memberships to certain clubs can be quite expensive. It is a good way to get outside and you’ll still get decent exercise by walking around all day. It will be a while until you can take on other people, so try to get as much practice in as you can and do your all to learn about the game in the meantime. It can be dictated by the weather, so if you live somewhere particularly rainy then consider a different sport unless you don’t mind playing in the rain.



A fairly easy sport to get into and one in which you get exercise without over straining yourself. If you don’t feel up to it consider playing doubles. There’s less court to cover and you a lot less running. The skill is easier to pick up than other racket sports like tennis because the shuttle travels at a slower pace. As a result you can pick it up fairly easy especially if you’re playing someone at the same level as you. The rules are slightly different to tennis, you can find them here. Most leisure centres or sports facilities house badminton courts. The game needs to be played inside because the slightest of wind will affect the shuttlecock.

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