The Coolest New Games For Geeks

The holiday season is officially here and with it comes a slate of amazing new games for geeks of all ages to enjoy. From console gaming to mobile entertainment, the tastes of all gamers are there to be satiated. You can play online roulette games or the hottest new titles for the XBOX or Playstation consoles. Whatever your gaming fix, here is our official guide to just a few of the hottest new gaming titles to enjoy over the coming winter months. 




Starring GAME OF THRONES hero Kit Harrington in a villainous turn, the latest chapter in the CALL OF DUTY series comes in both a standard edition and a Legacy Edition featuring a remastered version of the classic Modern Warfare. Featuring a host of innovative wrinkles, this truly is a new take on the classic franchise. From large-scale battles to cinematic scenes featuring real actors, this game has it all. The game also includes a fun Zombies mode featuring voice talent like Seth Green and Jay Pharoah to boot. 



From the future to the previous century, BATTLEFIELD 1 takes the gamer right into the heart of World War One. Featuring epic 64-player multiplayer battles where the player can mount horses, lead infantry or take to the skies in authentic WWI biplanes, this is a unique recreation of a rarely visited setting in modern gaming. From the Alps to the Middle East, you'll encounter an ever-changing landscape with a host of evolving challenges. Equal part history lesson and gaming pleasure, the replay value on BATTLEFIELD 1 is worth the price alone. 



The long awaited return of one of gaming's iconic franchise is here as GEARS OF WAR 4 brings the Fenix family story into a new era. Picking up the mantle from Marcus Fenix is son JD, who quickly realizes that the sins of the past are borne out in the modern day. Much like the recent STAR WARS reboot, this game mixes old fan favorites with new characters that you don't hate while mixing the familiar and the new into an enjoyable gaming experience. Best of all, this XBOX One exclusive title also includes the first three GEARS OF WAR games for download. You can't beat a four-for-one value! 




What can a video game fan say other than "Fus-Roh-Dah!" SKYRIM returns in this unique Special Edition, bringing back one of the most popular titles of the previous console generation - winner of over 200 Game of the Year Awards - with fresh graphics, updated audio and a host of new features. Taking things to a whole new level are the edition of Mods. From new weather effects to completely new missions, dialogue and romance options, these Mods take the already great SKYRIM and make it customizable to your own desires. For existing fans, the new is more than enough to justify the purchase. For new fans, this is one of the must-own great games of all time. 




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