How Online Betting Influences Traditional Sports Betting?

Those bookmakers standing on wooden stools, writing the odds on metal sheets and collecting and depositing money in their hoards is a sight that was commonplace a couple of decades ago. The tic-tac men would communicate from one to the other end of the ring, signaling the bets and the prices – another common sight in those days. In the modern day, all this feels like nostalgia. And this is because more and more people are now flocking to the online betting sites to place their bets.

Does this mean the end of traditional sport booking? Not really. The vibrant atmosphere of those days can still be experienced when you go for horse racing and attend other sports events. But yes, the number of people now using sports betting sites has increased drastically and the traditional bookies are feeling the pinch somewhere.

It all started in 2000 when Betfair set up the first online betting exchange and it had all of 36 customers. Today, the number has increase so much that there are more transactions on the Betfair website than the European stock markets. It is, of course, a no-brainer that such numbers are impacting traditional bookmaking.

Many in the present generation prefer online booking because of the convenience. Other than that, it is the pricing factor that is drawing people to the online betting sites – traditional bookmakers have overheads to maintain and they simply cannot match the prices charged by the online sites. When it comes to calculating commissions, the traditional bookmakers have a simple and idiot-proof model whereas this works in a more complex manner in online sites. As far as the range of bets are concerned, the online sport booking websites again come up trumps and this is thanks to the easy visibility they offer to their users. For instance, an online betting site even allows you to place bets when a game has started, something that is difficult when you go the traditional way. Also, when someone is looking to place multiple bets at the same time, they would find the online route easier to follow.

But all this does point to the fact that online booking sites are eating up into the business of traditional bookmaking. This statement is true to an extent but there is no way traditional bookmaking is going to go away. There is something simple in this regard that you should know – if you are someone who places long priced single bets, the traditional way is more suited for you. On the other hand, if you are into betting on low priced multiples, then going online is surely more beneficial for you.

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