Geek TV Shows You Shouldn't Have Missed This Year!

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year and what a year it’s been for TV shows. We’ve had bikes on fire, returns of 80’s heroes, marvel’s first leading black superhero and much more. Here are some of the geeky great shows that you might have missed out on this year. Don’t worry; there’s still plenty of time to play catch up.


Stranger Things

Who would have thought this one would turn out to be so popular? When Stranger things was announced, it would have been easy to dismiss it completely. After all, there’s nothing that exciting about a TV show based on the glory years of children’s horror cinema is there? Oh but there is my friends and while this show is clearly selling nostalgia it does it brilliantly. In fact, it’s gone down of one of Netflix’s greatest shows which is saying a lot compared to some of the others they’ve released. We’d love to discuss what we hope season 2 will bring next year. Unfortunately we can’t because there’s every possibility some of you still haven’t seen episode one. It’s still available on Netflix and you can click here to find what other goodies are on offer through the streaming service.



Lethal Weapon

We’re sure there were quite a lot of people who rolled their eyes when a TV reboot of Lethal weapon was announced. We’re with you, we’re tired of the remakes too. Particularly after Ghostbusters almost obliterated every good memory we had of that franchise. But those who gave Lethal Weapon a chance were pleasantly surprised. This was most likely because the original writer of the film was brought on board to point the series in the right direction. Airing on Fox and back this week Lethal Weapon brings everything the original film series did so well. The best part though is the core chemistry between Riggs and Murtaugh which is thankfully, perfectly preserved here.



The Grand Tour

Astute fans may have noticed that the first letters of The Grand Tour actually spell out TGT. Or possibly Top Gear Two? Once the ridiculous trio left the BBC they had to let go of their brand’s name but they’ve certainly managed to keep hold of the magic. The Grand Tour plays like a brilliant sequel to the original series with a bigger budget and more madness than ever before. With the supposedly massive ratings and critical acclaim the BBC must be kicking themselves for letting these three go.



Agents Of Shield: Ghost Rider

Agents Of Shield came back in a new time this year and brought some movie magic for faithful fans. Robbie Reyes appeared as a main character to christen the later timeslot leading to some darker stories. The TV show was clearly trying to emulate the deeper storylines found on Marvel’s Netflix shows. We’re pleased to say it’s kind of worked and has made Agents Of Shield worth watching one more. The highlight? A brief teaser that the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze might appear after all.



Those would be our top picks for geeky TV thrills this year, but there are plenty more that haven’t even aired yet. DC’s four show crossover event kicks off tonight and Doctor Who returns just in time for Christmas!

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