How to Unsubscribe from Spam Emails

If you remember never subscribed for the email, please do nothing even if the email comes with an ‘Unsubscribe’ button or link. Most spam emails are actually emails spammers send to random email addresses, both live and dead addresses. By not clicking the button or link, the spammer will assume your email address is a dead one. Be patient and within few days or weeks, you will never get those emails.

  • You can move the email to your spam folder:
  1. Login to your email and read the particular email in your ‘Inbox’
  2. There should be a ‘Spam’ button at the upper left corner of the email. Click this button to send any email from this sender directly to your ‘Spam’ folder.
  • If you use Gmail and Outlook, there is an ‘Unsubscribe’ feature for each email subscription you received. Clicking this link will inform Gmail to automatically removing you from the mail subscription.
  • Usually, each company sets different rules regarding their mail subscription. Some of them may leave you with visible ‘Unsubscribe’ link inside each email they sent to you, while others might require you to check a box to do the same thing. You can easily spot this box or link at the bottom part of each email subscription you received.
  • If you use Gmail, you can use the ‘Filter’ option to block your inbox from getting any unwanted email from certain source.
  1. Open the spam email, then click More > Filter messages like these at the upper right corner of the message window.
  2. When the ‘Filter’ window appears, click the Create Filter with This Search.
  3. Finally, make sure you check both also apply filter to # matching conversation(s) and Delete It boxes, right before you click Filter.
  • Find information about company, which sent you the email. Browse to the company’s website, but do not click any link or button in the email. Use the ‘Contact Us’ from or ‘Live Chat’ at the website to tell the company to unsubscribe you from the email subscription.
  • If you use Apple Mail, disable the Load Remote Content in Messages option at Mail > Preferences > Viewing. By disabling this option, you will block any spam email from sending tracking code to spammer, which confirms there is a live email address receiving his/her message. In other words, by disabling this feature, you let the spammer assume you have a dead email address. Once the spammer knows he/she sent an email to wrong address, she/he will stop sending you the email.
  • This tip will work: add “+xxxxxxx” before your email address when you sign up for something. Therefore, if my email address is [email protected] and I was signing up for, I would modify my email into [email protected]. This way if the forum ‘decides’ to send me any spam email, it will go directly to my spam folder, instead of inbox.

Spam emails are really disturbing, but they only come from fraud websites. So, make sure you only subscribe from trusted companies and for quality contents, such as la liga odds.

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