What Goes Into An Awesome PC Gaming Setup?


So, you’ve got your brand new PC all put together and you’re ready to play a whole slew of games you’ve never tried before. You want the experience to be as awesome as possible, so how do you ensure that? With the right tools to make your great PC even better. Let’s take a look at what we’re talking about.



Knowing where to find new games

First, you should look beyond the same experiences you’ve been playing before. PC gaming is full of all kinds of options that you’ll rarely find on the consoles. For one, there are a lot of competitive communities for real-time strategy and first-person shooter games. But you should keep an eye out for the diamonds in the rough, too. One of the best ways to find new games is by checking things like Steam curators. If there’s someone whose opinion you trust, they likely have a curated list of games you might like to check out.


Better control

When it comes to PC gaming, precision is key. There are a lot of different ways that you can control your games, too. For one, let’s all admit that console controllers can be better for some games. No-one wants to play fighting games on a mouse and keyboard. But it’s easy to connect most kinds of console controllers to your PC with just a bit of work. As far as the mouse and keyboard set up go, be prepared to get better than the usual. For example, the best gaming keyboards are likely to be the more precise mechanical style.




Better sound

You likely already have a great screen set up to take advantage of some of the best visuals that your game collection has to offer. But are you making sure that you’re not neglecting the other spectrum of media output? Modern games have phenomenal sound design, so use a surround sound set-up to make the most of them. Particularly if you enjoy horror games like Outlast or Resident Evil. You’re rarely going to get the same kind of level of immersion from your generic stereo set-up.


Better comfort

For those who really love to game, a session can easily last anywhere between an hour and four (or more). So getting the best experience, in that case. means making sure you’re not giving yourself RSI or cramping up. For that reason, you need to check out reviews for gaming PC chairs that offer support as well as comfort. If you’re using a mouse, you might want to consider a mousepad with a padded bottom as well. They can support your wrist as you game so you don’t end up with a cramping hand throughout the rest of the day.

For a great experience, the mix of the right supplementary hardware is vital. Particularly if you get into competitive gaming like Counter-Strike or Overwatch. Similarly, it’s good to know a few places to source new games when you’re looking for something different. We hope this guide helps with both.


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