Technology Is Changing The Face of Sport

We don't need anyone to tell us the impact that technology has had on our lives. But, its influence can be found in many different places. Sport is one of the things that has been changed forever by technology. Whether it’s playing or watching, you can't escape the power and influence of tech in the sporting world.

There are some who argue that technology has changed sports to their detriment. While others claim it helps add new dimensions to the game and bring them into the 21st century. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways technology has changed and continues to change the face of sport.

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Professional Competition

Professional sporting competitions have been changed significantly by technology. Think about soccer with goal-line technology. The current implementation uses providers such as ChyronHego and GoalControl for their systems. The idea of goal-line technology is to determine whether the ball has crossed the goal-line; thus ruling a goal in or out.

In tennis and cricket the Hawk-Eye computer system is also used. This uses six high-performance cameras to track the ball from a multitude of different angles. This becomes crucial when helping to determine key decisions during games. Athletes and sporting teams are also known to use an array of different technology when training and preparing.



It’s not just at a professional level that technology is used in sports. Amateurs and hobbyists can also use technology to help them improve their game and make the sport better. For instance, in golf someone might decide they'd like to use a golf GPS watch in order to track their progress as a player. This is a crucial tool for modern golfers as they go around the course. And these can be picked up for affordable rates of around $150.00.

If you play tennis you might also benefit from the evolution of technology. When you’re at your local club, hitting with a friend, or on the practice court, you can improve. And that's why you should check out tennis apps like ServeSpeed that allow you to track the speed of your serve. This helps you work on making it better and more powerful, and may improve your overall game.

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Even watching sport now has been inexorably altered by the development of technology. In days gone by we would have to go to live events to watch sport. Or we would crowd around small television screens with family and friends. But there have been tech advancements in televised sports. And now you can go to the local pub and view events on the big screen.

Or, you can even watch sport personally on the move these days. This is something that has really changed the way we view games now. You could use your phone, tablet, or another mobile device to watch sport on the move. Apps such as Sky Sports allow viewers to stay connected to their favorite sporting events wherever they are in the world.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways technology has changed sport for the better. The entire way that matches are played and viewed nowadays has been altered as a result of new technologies. And this only looks set to increase further in the future as well.


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