Looking At The iPad Pro As A Gaming Device

Just like the previous version, Apple’s latest Pro tablet was designed for professionals who need a reliable laptop replacement for working on the move. Yet, despite its additions that appeal to this target customer base, the iPad Pro comes with an impressive spec sheet which immediately makes you wonder how the device handles gaming.

The idea of tablet gaming isn’t always met with the same dose of excitement as playing on a computer or a console, but the iPad Pro looks like the right device to change that dogma. Not only does it come with the right processing power and memory to handle hours of playing, but Apple’s idea of making it a laptop replacement has certainly given it some serious advantages over any tablet so far when it comes to gaming. Regardless of whether you’ll be spinning away on a casino slot apps from this rated website or blast away zombies on Walking Dead: Dead Run, the iPad Pro will have your back, and here’s why:  


A Beautiful Screen for Gaming

Apple has always been about improving what they already did great and there’s no better example of that belief than the screen of the new iPad Pro. As soon as you pick it up and turn it on, the IPS LCD screen just starts oozing vibrant colors from every available pixel.

The biggest change that Apple has made with the screen this year is introducing what they are calling “True Tone” – a feature which basically changes the colors of your display when you change your surroundings. The way True Tone works is that it adjusts the tone of your screen colors to match the color temperature in your room by using the iPad’s concealed sensors. This feature was mostly introduced for those who want to use the tablet to write, but it certainly makes a world of difference for mobile gamers as it makes every game more visually stunning. True Tone is just one of those things that you reluctantly try and can never continue without it afterwards, and when it’s combined with the iPad Pro’s enhanced brightness, it really makes the already stunning screen a great display for gaming.  


Serious Gaming Horsepower

The iPad PRO comes packed with Apple’s A9X chipset and PowerVR Series 7 GPU – a combination that can easily make you forget about picking up your console for a while. The new 9.7 version boasts less RAM than the 12 inch model (2GB), and yet the bigger 4GB version doesn’t run that much different, which is not strange at all when you consider the larger screen size. The CPU speed of the 9.7 model is 2.16GHZ, while its predecessor has 2.26GHZ of processing power.  

Gaming on the iPad Pro, just like on the 12-inch version, is a breeze. The tablet handled a number of demanding games excellently, without any lags or freezers, and could easily get us lost for hours at a time in the beautiful screen colors. The difference in processing speed isn’t very noticeable in the smaller version and the 9.7 inch model handles everything as great as its bigger brother. This smooth gameplay combined with a long battery life makes the iPad Pro a great gaming machine among tablets, if not the best. The only downside though is that gaming can get pretty uncomfortable after a while, but that’s a problem with all tablets, one which can easily be solved by a Bluetooth controller.  


The Bottom Line

Despite targeting an entirely different user base, Apple’s new iPad Pro is a glorious machine that can match all your mobile gaming needs but also be incredibly useful for your career as well. With that being said, this dual nature, or vast usefulness if you will, is also what makes the biggest con of this device – its price.

As always, Apple pride themselves in creating the future of technology and slap an expensive price tag to match that pride, which often gives their devices a feel of superiority and prestige that not many are willing to pay for. The cheapest 32GB, Wi-Fi only, iPad Pro comes with a $599 price tag, and that’s without the Apple pencil or a keyboard. If you want to add those, your final price will be up to $847, which isn’t cheap at all for a workstation that can also fuel your gaming needs. With that in mind there’s nothing more to be added that if you want to splurge on the new iPad Pro, you won’t be disappointed by its gaming power.

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