The Wonder of Pokemon Go

If you haven’t yet heard of Pokémon Go yet then we would probably believe you must have been marooned on an island somewhere far away, without any forms of outside communication and only the small furry creatures of the island as friends.

This insanely popular mobile game has been downloaded in excess of 8 million times since its launch, taking social media by storm.

Users have reported tons of positive effects from playing Pokémon Go including helping with agoraphobia and anxiety to helping them exercise, get outside, even meeting new people has all been attributed to the game.

So what makes the game so popular?...And addictive?

Well, besides the nostalgia that the game evokes as many begin to remember the trading of cards or the games on the old GameBoy Colour, Pokemon Go is simple to play and brings something really new to the world of mobile gaming.

We are all very used to downloading our favourite apps whether for fitness purposes, shopping or playing games. Technology had advanced so far in the past few years we can also play on sites like sky bingo enjoying great game play whilst chatting with friends catching up on the latest news and goss.

When the first mobile casinos appeared they were not worth looking at as graphics were to say the least awful and the games crashed every few minutes, they were simply not worth the effort. Now we can expect superb graphics, audio and video clips to support the games and also we are now able to fund personal accounts using our mobile devices and take advantage of some exclusive bonuses and promotional offers. This advancement in technology is what makes the games of today so fully interactive.

The augmented reality of Pokémon Go actually creates a digital connection with a player in the physical world as the game spawns its monsters into each part of our everyday lives, outside in the parks, in our work places and in our homes. This has the effect of bringing people together in pre-designated physical spaces about their towns in order to collect those vital supplies and then complete.

Social media sites have become saturated with images of Pokémon catches and the fear of missing out on all of the fun creates more players perpetuating the game fervour even more, and because the game is free to download it’s not only the perceived ‘Geeks’ playing its anyone who wants to get involved, and gameplay is simple.

In order to play all you need to be able to do is walk and swipe, familiar actions that most all mobile users do on a daily basis, but it is the variable rewards that really get those that play Pokémon Go hooked.

Pokémon Go works in much the same way as slot machines on the smartphone, you repeat the same action but that action has the possibility of having a different outcome. Exploration in Pokémon Go rewards users with new monsters to find and of course to post on facebook or twitter pages.

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