The Five Scariest Moments In Gaming

Okay look, here's the thing. I love a good scary movie, from The Shining to The Evil Dead to Paranormal Activity. Like idiots, we put ourselves through fear and anxiety in order to have a good time and laugh and... wait, what? Does that make sense? That doesn't seem right.... Whatever. But I digress, no matter how involved we get in a story or how much of an attachment we develop for a character, we can always back away and remember, its just a movie! You're just an observer and have no say in what a character does, no matter how stupid a decision they make seems. You can yell at them all you want, they're still gonna go into the room where you KNOW the killer is waiting. Which is why scary movies can never compare to a scary video game, because suddenly, you ARE the protagonist. You're the one who has to make the life or death decisions. You'll have to face your fear and go into the dark hallway where horrors await. It can be an empowering feeling, or at least it would be if the game designers weren't out to make sure you never sleep soundly again. And they do their job all too well... I'm sure they go to sleep with a smile knowing they've scared the living daylights out of you. To be fair though, I would too.

There are plenty of iconic game moments that come to mind that have scared me to half to death, but I've assembled a list of of my top five scariest vidoe game moments to date. And for some deals on gaming that won't scare you to death, check out this site for some scary good deals on poker games and betting games. And now without further delay, I give you: 


#5: Bathroom Scene in Doom 3

Doom 3 is infamous for not only being terrifying, but for showing us a future in which there will be no flashlight attachments. While there may be far more terrifying scenes in the game, this one stuck with me because it was early into the game and it was completely unnecessary other than to make you look for a change of underwear. 




# 4: Alma Scenes in FEAR

Alma made FEAR so terrifying.  Creepy little girl with psychic powers? Check. Dark shadows and horrific flashbacks? Check. Crawling towards you like a human spider? Not okay.... She is the reason why you won't sleep for a week after playing this game... and why the nickname for this game is (Forget) Everything And Run - FEAR



# 3: Dentist Scene in Bioshock

I loved the first Bioshock with a passion, it was a well thought out and fun game. And it was scary in some parts and very wrong in others. But when I played this part of the game, I was not at all expecting the dentist to come out of nowhere, so I jumped and yelled out loud, emptied my shotgun into the dentist, then switched to my revolver and finished the job just make sure he was dead....



# 2: Just being a Human Marine and listening to the god-forsaken Motion Tracker in AVP

Aliens Vs Predator on PC was one of my favorite games growing up. I remember staying up countless nights and playing ridiculously awesome multiplayer matches. Stalking your prey as an xenomorph or hunting your trophy as a predator... or merely surviving as a human.... Sadly old Homo Sapiens is the underdog in this war, despite our awesome firepower. And this is only made even more terrifying by the god-awful Motion Tracker. I mean seriously, who makes a device designed to cause anxiety just by listening to it!? The newest version of the game is even worse.... just watch:



# 1: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Not many people have played the Chronicles of Riddick series. Well you should, they were actually pretty awesome games. The gameplay was fantastic, the voice acting top notch, the graphics were superb. And this game contains for me by far the scariest and most anxiety causing, panic inducing moment in my entire gaming career.  You have to retrieve a radio thats hidden in some underground tunnels, only they're in habited what are called "Dwellers" and they're mutated human like creatures that crawl on all fours, and you have a shotgun with limited ammo and a busted flashlight, and only have flares for lighting that go out after a few seconds. Just watch.... skip ahead to the 2 minute mark in the video and watch....



So there you have it, my top 5 Scariest moments in gaming

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