Which Games Are Most Suited To You?

Gaming is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend your spare time. A lot of people know that they like the idea of gaming but can’t decide what kind of games they would like. It’s a tricky question to answer, as gaming is somewhat subjective. Even if you’re a major football lover in real life, there’s no guarantee that you’ll enjoy playing football games on your chosen device.




It can be hard knowing what games you’ll like, especially when there are so many to choose from. The good news is there are plenty of ways that you work out what you like before you waste your money on games that just aren’t for you. Want to know how? Then keep reading as all is about to be revealed.


Read reviews online

Start off by reading reviews of popular games online. Write down a list of genres and the most popular games in them. For example, under sport, you could put Fifa 16, EA Sports UFC, and Rocket League. You could then research each game on your list and mark down whether you like the sound of it or not. A little bit of research is essential, especially as games are seriously expensive. You don’t want to be wasting your money on games that you won’t play.

If there’s a certain game, you like the sound of, such as Minecraft, read up about the game itself as well as how it’s played. Look at the cost of getting a Minecraft server host, and all the other costs that come with the game. Then look at the reviews and ratings the game has. This will give you an idea of whether or not the game is for you.


Visit your local gaming store

Most gaming stores have test areas where you can try out different consoles and games. Visit your local store and ask to try out a range of games to see what you like and what you don’t like. Remember, it takes time to adjust to playing each game, so don’t let the fact that you’re not very good put you off. Instead, focus on whether you like the concept of the game and work on improving your skills later on.


Try free versions of games before buying

If you’re still not sure about a game, go home and download the free mini version. These allow you to complete a small section of a game before you buy. This gives you the chance to get a real feel for the game and to see whether it’s for you. Or, if the game is available on your smartphone as an app, download that and give it a try. The game will be nowhere near as advanced on iOS or Android, but it will still give you an idea of whether it’s for you.

Not all games are suitable for everyone; it’s a case of finding games that you enjoy and find interesting. While some gamers love life games like The Sims, others prefer more niche games like Minecraft. Gaming is subjective, we all have our own likes and dislikes, and it’s important to understand that.


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