Remote Control Slide Out TV Using an Actuator

Most people look for the best designs to give their living spaces the best sleek look. If properly integrated in a design remote control of linear actuator can be used to give a sense of elegance to a living space. Here, remote control linear actuator is used to modify TV cabinet and have the TV slide out of the cabinet instead of mounting it in front. This process is simple to understand and apply though some modifications may be required depending on the type of TV and cabinet that one has. The first step in the process is to acquire a TV cabinet and other supplies including a two channel remote control, guide rails, a tract linear actuator and other supplies required in the modification process.


Fig 1 Two-channel remote control

These suppliers can be obtained from local dealers stores. The next step entails dismantling the TV cabinet to access the back where the guide rails are to me attached. Two guide rails are attached to the wall of the cabinet and their other side attached to the rear of the TV.

The actuator is then mounted on the wall with the help of MB1 brackets. Next is to attach the actuator to the remote control system and the latter to power supply.


Fig 2 The mini track actuator with MB1 bracket

This last step is very simple as the wireless remote control only comes with no wires. The wireless remote control is intended for moving the slide on the actuator up and down to allow the TV to slide in and out of the cabinet through the touch of a button.

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