For Gadget Geeks: Enhancing Digital Integration Where You Live

We have an amazing amount of technology in our vehicles. Why don’t we put some of that to use in our homes? Most homeowners want a smarter house, and here’s how to get it.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You’ve always fantasized about having a robot maid, like in the cartoon show The Jetsons. Well, you can sort of have that now with robot vacuum cleaners. Floor vacuuming and cleaning are easier when you have something like a Deebot or Ecovac. The D77, which is the latest Deebot, is a 3-dimensional home cleaner with smart technology to detect and navigate obstacles in the home. It can even automatically empty its dustbin.

It has different modes for cleaning various types of flooring, and even when you’re not at home, you can set it to clean your floors with time scheduling. It’s a perfect device for larger homes and new homes, like those sold through Watson Bull & Porter.

Robotic Arms

Ever wanted an alarm that can outsmart you and wake you up, even when you’re a chronic snooze button kind of person? Clocky will make you run around your bedroom before it lets you turn it off. You have to get up. No more snoozing. The smart alarm clock runs away and hides as it continues to beep at you. You have to get out of bed to turn it off. The good news? You’ll never oversleep again.

Wireless LED Lights

Ever wanted to control your lights in your home remotely? Now you can. Philips Hue LED Lighting System lets you ditch the switch and turn your old lighting fixtures into “smart lights,” that can be controlled right from your smartphone. The lighting system is controlled with a mobile app and through a Wi-Fi bridge.

You can schedule lights to turn on and off, and LEDs are energy-saving, so they’re ideally suited for this purpose.

The Bediator

A Bediator uses an intelligent room heating technology that lets you adjust room temps more precisely during the wintertime. Unlike a traditional radiator, the Bediator is energy efficient, and it helps you lower your energy bills.

Smart Faucet

Most faucets turn on and off just fine, but they waste a lot of water. When you brush your teeth, or wash your hands, water is running when it shouldn’t be, like when you’re lathering up your hands or actually brushing your teeth.

This is where the smart faucet comes in. It attaches to your sink faucet and temporarily shuts off the water when you’re not using it. When you need it, you simply push a lever back that sits just behind the spout and the water flow resumes.

You can set the right temperature for your faucet before you engage the device, so if you’re washing your hands, you don’t have to touch the faucet handles while you’re washing up.

Z-Wave Door Window Sensor

This is the ultimate sensor for your doors and windows. And, it’s the perfect security for your home. It’s a cost-effective security system that alerts you when anyone breaks into your home. You can monitor your doors and windows remotely with the help of smartphone applications. You can receive texts and an email when anything is detected. You can also verify that all doors and windows are closed, from anywhere.

Thermal Leak Detector

A thermal leak detector helps you find and fix insulation in your home. It's common for people to install insulation and then forget about it. This is an efficient way to monitor ducts, windows, and other vulnerable spots in the home.

You can scan the area with the detector, which will change to red for warmer spots or blue for colder spots. With this device, you may be able to save up to 20% on heating and cooling by beefing up the insulation in your home where it’s needed. It can replace an expensive and time-consuming energy audit, too.

Motion Sensor Power Strip

This handy device senses motion in the house. Specifically, it monitors the room it’s placed in to see if anyone is moving around. When it detects no movement for 30 minutes in an adjoining space of 20 feet, it shuts power off to any devices connected to it. It also has an “always on” mode that lets you keep things plugged in that need to stay powered up, like wireless routers and security systems.

With this power strip, you can save money by shutting down electronics that draw “phantom power” from outlets, something that can save you hundreds of dollars per year, depending on the number and kind of electronic devices you have.

Keith Flores is a techaholic! He has more gadgets than he knows quite what to do with, but is still one of the first to get the latest new thing on the market! He writes about the newest tech and reviews gadgets for a range of lifestyle and tech focused websites.

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