Welcome to the Wild World of Slitherio!

Who can forget the global obsession over Snake or Flappy Bird? They took the gaming community by storm, acquiring tens of millions of players trying to beat each other’s top scores. Now, there’s a new game about to become a major hit: Slitherio. Take a look at the game below and give it a go! It’s easy to get started: simply add a nickname and press “Play”. It’s completely free.

This Game is Addictive

This is one addictive game! It’s fun, it’s fast-paced and it’s challenging. It’s also incredibly popular… it might become the new Flappy Bird.


How to Play Slitherio

Like in the classic Snake game, your objective is to grow the snake by eating orbs of light. Guide your snake using your mouse and pick up the small glowing orbs all around the area. The more orbs your snake picks up, the larger it gets.

The fun part of the game is in its player-to-player challenge: your enemies are all real players, enjoying the game at the same time as you. Touch the head of your snake against another snake and it is game over: your snake immediately dies and turns into dozens of orbs of light, which are promptly consumed by other snakes.

Twist and turn around enemies so they accidentally touch you and consume their leftover glowing orbs to increase in size quickly. Some competitor snakes are massive!

Winners make it into the leaderboard and get bragging rights.



  • Large, moving orbs make you larger than the standard orb.
  • To move faster, double click on the screen. But beware – using speed boosts will make you smaller.
  • There is a map on the bottom right-hand side showing your location in the map. The more central you are, the more orbs you can find to eat (but also the more competitors snakes squirming around).
  • The bigger the snake, the slower it reacts. Boost your speed in front of them so they hit your snake and die. Then, quickly grab their orbs.

Unlock Skins

Don’t want a boring mono-colored snake? By sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter, you can unlock custom skins for your snake. The personalized snakes stand out in the game!


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