Sparta: War of Empires – Going Back to Sparta to Win!

We are all aware that everything goes mobile with the new games app, but despite all that he Browser Games world, is still very much valid and fun to play. In fact let’s just look at Plarium, a company that offers several titles that are part of this category. In particular look at Sparta: War of Empires, I mean this is a very successful game and does not give any signs to be losing popularity. This MMO free online game does not focus on the fighting, but on the strategy and management of their land.

Yes, not only muscles are required in games, Sparta: War of Empires focuses on strategy, initially we have to follow a tutorial to understand how it all works. The first part can only be dedicated to various facilities, like every self-respecting game these resources are very important, because they provide access to various functions. A perfect example is "The Oracle" by which we can discover new territories neighbors can colonize, therefore it is very useful to expand the kingdom.

One of the first structures that we will create is the camp of the infantry, with which we create our army. This is also very useful, as you can well imagine the player's task is to expand its well-being, then you will have to attack other players or raiding some areas to get materials. But even in this case the gamer needs to think how many troops to send to attack, sending them all makes you vulnerable to an enemy attack, making you an easy prey. So think well about your moves and options.

We must therefore have enough soldiers to be deployed both in defense and the conquest, only in this way you will be able to survive without suffering resounding defeats.

The Port is an important structure, because thanks to this we can organize trade with other players. If we need something then, we should not necessarily wait for hours, but we can give something to get what we need. Are you good in negotiating?

You have Pacts going on that forge friendships, negotiations and alliances are very important, you cannot do everything by yourself. So, after fulfilling some requirements, you can forge friendships with some cities. These alliances, however, give the player different bonuses, such as experience points, new units, new structures to build and the availability of new items to buy.

However, we point out that these pacts are not made with other players, are just one more element added in the game. In order to create or join a clan there are "Leagues", in this section you can find a complete list with position, player number and also the origin of the group. To get into a league gives you the objectives to complete in order to increase the prestige of your clan and improve your ranking.

Talking about the social side, use the chat well, the game supports both textual and vocal messages. Sure, Sparta: War of Empires does not offer almost nothing new in the landscape of strategic games, except for the Pacts system. Despite everything, it is still a good product that you can give it a chance while joining the millions of players around the world. If you are fans of the genre, and you have a little free time. Even if you are fond of historical settings you can make enjoy this game.

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