The Proverbial Signs & Superstitions of Online Casinos


Well-known signs and various superstitions may be found in all spheres of our life. Internet casino is not an exception. This sphere has its signs too. Many players trust their intuition and try not to start playing in "adverse" days or hours. However, should players trust the signs? What superstitions can really help to avoid mistakes and to win? Is it just a game of our imagination? There is no the one or some general opinion about this situation. All players are divided into two groups. The first group of players is convinced that the belief in superstitions helps them to save not only the money but also their nerves. The second group of the players think differently. They are sure that superstitions do not effect on the game. Whatever you think, you should discover information about the most famous proverbial signs from the scientific side.

Low spirits

If you feel something like that, it is a true sign do not start the game in online casino. If to look at this superstition from a psychological point of view, logic is quite clear. When a person has low spirits, everything "goes wrong", and each case ends with failure. It means that this superstition is evident. But also our mood is formed due to various external factors. If you have high spirit, welcome to Casinority and win.

Bad connection – bad game

If a game does not load at once – wait for a "failure". This superstition appeared recently and had become very popular among players of online casinos. Actually, the real reason is a low speed of the Internet and various program crashes, but not a bad sign.

Losses for all day

If player loses several times in a row it is a true sign that he will lose the whole day. It is disputable statement. According to statistics, even experienced players do not win in a casino all the time. For example, you decided to play slot machine. Every fourth or fifth spin can bring you significant winnings. Other spins will be winning. It means that both "ups" and "downs" are inevitable in online casinos.

The gain from the first try

Many players believe if they start winning from the beginning, good luck will accompany them all day. One more disputable statement. Every new spin can bring winnings or losses. Only thoughtful bets can bring you success. Remember about this and luck will come to you more often!

Of course, proverbial signs and various superstitions may help you to win in online casino or affect the game, but only if you believe in it. Also, do not forget about effective strategies, which used by famous and successful gamblers. For example, Charles Wells, who can win for one night more than $ 300 000.

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