Numbers of New Blogs Online Are Soaring - Why?

The number of blogs now online and accessible is phenomenal. More are added every day, and the trend doesn’t seem like it will slow any time soon. But it’s important to realise that these blogs aren’t just online diaries. Many blogs now online are seen as small businesses, designed to make a profit. Even the blogs that have been started and written for fun have the potential to make their owners a lot of money. The question we’d like to answer is why have blogs become so popular?

Money, Money, Money


Yes, we’ve already touched on one of the reasons. Blogging is an incredibly easy way for people to make a lot of money. The best part is to make a successful blog it doesn’t even require that much work. You just need to write a lot of high-quality content and soon you will attract both readers and advertisers. Once this occurs, you will be able to charge advertisers to use space on your blog. How much a blog makes can vary. Some blogs set up to make money struggle to gain more than six dollars per week. Other blog owners easily generate thousands each week simply by adding content under an established name. The potential profits are there but like everything, it depends how much effort you can afford and how lucky you are.


Easy As One, Two, Three

How long does it take to set up a blog online? If you want to set up the most basic blog, you could do it within minutes. However, to add some information and get readers, it could take a few hours. It all depends on how skilled you are at writing, how unique your voice is and whether you know how to use SEO. But in general the point we are trying to make is that starting a blog is simple. Anyone could do it. That’s why the age range of people who own blogs is incredible. Anyone in their early teens up to their late seventies could be operating an established, successful blog.


Blogging For Business

It’s worth pointing out that many blog owners are business owners. This isn’t a hobby that they are indulging in. It’s the chance to market their company on a new field that is filled with potential. Business owners know that they can set up a blog and then add as much information as they like about their company. By doing this they increase the only profile of their company and give their users more online content. Once business owners know how to start a blog they have a marketing possibility that could be massive.


User Run Blogs

Lastly, there are user run blogs online that have proved to be very popular. Comic Book Movie is one of the most read comic book blogs online. It’s a massive website, formed by various smaller blogs. The blog works on a success system and those who establish a reader base gain the possibility of making money. It’s a new system for blogging but one that could easily grow in the next few years.

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