The Worst Gambling-Themed Shows In TV History



Casinos can be great sources of entertainment - just try some of today's best online casinos - and they have a long-standing place in myriad cultures across the world. The casino is a truly iconic image, conjuring thoughts of James Bond and the slick crew from OCEAN'S ELEVEN. However, not all attempts at capturing the casino in entertainment have been successful. In fact, there have been several outright stinkers that have attempted to bring the casino feel life. In that spirit, here are our picks for the five worst casino-themed shows in television history. 



What if you made a spinoff of HAPPY DAYS and nobody noticed? You'd have BLANSKY'S BEAUTIES. This Las Vegas sitcom starred Nancy Walker as a cousin of Tom Bosley's Mr. Cunningham, who also happened to be the den mother to a bevy of beautiful Las Vegas showgirls working at the Oasis Hotel. This show came up snake eyes at the ratings, quickly getting pulled from the schedule. But not before launching the career of a young Scott Baio, who would soon go on to HAPPY DAYS fame as Chachi. 



This barely remembered six-month attempt at a new daytime game show franchise for NBC aired from the Circus Maximus Theater inside of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Hosted by Ahmad Rashad, this was actually the last new daytime gameshow produced by the American television networks until 2009. It would also lead to a break in overtly branded casino programs until the debut of -- 



In one of the lamest attempts at brand integration ever, this animated comedy revolved around a family of white lions that just happened to star in the famous Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas. The show got a big promotional push but was a huge failure in the ratings before ultimately being cancelled after just one season, while dealing with the wake of Roy's maiming. 



Oddly inspired by the AMERICAN CHOPPER motorcycle series, this reality show followed the goings on at the Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson, Nevada. Located just outside Las Vegas, this casino had a unique clientele that was less glitzy than you'd find on the Strip. Alas, it never connected with audience. Originally airing on the Discovery Channel but was quickly moved to Travel before being cancelled altogether. 



Despite the flop of AMERICAN CASINO, this world remained fertile ground for reality television. Soon, reality television mogul Mark Burnett got into the game with THE CASINO, which aired on Fox. The show followed two dot-com millionaires as they buy and manage the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino located in downtown Las Vegas. The show, however, was a dismal flop and was canceled before the final three episodes could be broadcast. All this despite a theme song - "Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad"  - that was written by U2's Bono and The Edge

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